TV News Talent Agents Who Thrive While Industry Falters

Times are tough in the media industry. There’s no denying it. If you’re seeking TV news jobs, this fact may be enough to discourage you from finding an agent.

After all, the stock prices of major firms are in free fall. And more than a handful of companies are buying people out, laying people off, and/or instituting hiring freezes.

How in the world, you think, will you ever find TV news talent agents who thrive while the industry is crumbling?

You Don’t Need to Look Far

The good news is, even in the midst of collapse, Mort Meisner Associates continues to perform and succeed in placing talent at a phenomenal rate.

Maybe you’re a TV news meteorologist or sports reporter looking to go from your first or second job to your second or third job. Or perhaps you’re a news reporter or anchor looking to make the leap to a major market. Whatever the case, Mort Meisner Associates has your back.

They’ve recently done deals for TV news anchors, reporters, and sports reporters in markets of all sizes. They’ve placed talent in major markets including New York, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Charlotte, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, and Portland, Oregon. In addition, medium/smaller markets such as Tucson, Arizona; South Bend, Indiana; Springfield, Missouri; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have benefitted from new talent they placed there.

Lean times in the media industry are simply not an issue for Mort Meisner Associates.

How Do TV News Agents Thrive When Times Are Tough?

You may still fail to see the value of a TV news talent agent. You might be thinking it makes more sense to just go to the internet and search for job postings. This route isn’t likely to give you access to the jobs you truly want because it all comes down to connections. Face-to-face human connections, that is.

Yes, anyone can check a website once a job is posted. Often though, the job is already taken. How come? Because TV news agents with connections are aware of job openings weeks or even months before they’re posted.

This is precisely why you want a TV news agent who has worked in the industry. Mort Meisner Associates agents have worked as news directors, managing editors, and in other management capacities. As such, they know (and more importantly are known by) vice presidents of news, news directors, executive producers, and general managers.

News management trusts these agents because they’ve come from the same side of the desk. As such, they continue to have the inside track. They not only know where the jobs are right now, but where they are going to be. And they know this before anyone else does.

Even now, as the industry struggles, Mort Meisner Associates has the inroads necessary to get you the placement you want.

Go With the Pros

Whether you’re a TV news anchor, sports anchor, meteorologist, or reporter, you need TV news agents who thrive when the going gets tough.

You’ll find them at Mort Meisner Associates.

So contact us today. We’ve got the connections to get YOU connected.