Placement Process

Our mission is simple.
It is to get you placed where you wish to be geographically,
and in the market size where you should be.

Finding the right placement agency is comparable to finding the right partner. As with any partnership, the key to success is a mutual understanding, trust and respect. At Mort Meisner Associates, the process is real, honest and to the point. Here’s what you can expect:


Your individualized process begins with an interview to determine your strengths, and also to understand what you are looking for from your career. We request a DVD, resume and photo for on-air talent.


In the broadcast industry, good matches are not made in heaven. Typically, they are made on paper. That is why Mort Meisner Associates asks its clients to commit to the agency as well as its placement process with a well-written agreement that benefits both the talent and the agency. The agreement lays out the commitments and obligations of both parties. We believe in our talent and we operate under an assumption of mutual trust and commitment.


Our years of experience in the industry make the difference for you. Upon review of your DVD, Mort Meisner Associates professionals work with you – analyzing your performance and offering pointed and practical suggestions for further development. We work with you to develop a DVD that is competitive and ready for release. This tool is your first impression, essentially your first interview with a prospective employer.


This is where the connections make the difference. Mort Meisner Associates’ vast network of professionals at all markets and in all levels of the industry means your resume and DVD are seen by all the right people. Frequently, a prospective employer sees a DVD from Mort Meisner Associates before an open position has been formally posted. We know where there is movement in the market – before the word gets out. Weekly contact via e-mail or telephone ensures that you know what activity is taking place on your behalf.


Mort Meisner Associates successfully places our clients: This is our main focus. A placement is successful only if it is right for the client. Making sure our clients make the right decision – at the right time in their career – is what differentiates Mort Meisner Associates from the competition.

Long-term Development

Our job doesn’t stop once you are successfully employed. Neither does your career. Mort Meisner Associates considers it only the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. With your best interest in mind, we continue to work together on your career development process. Mort Meisner Associates requests DVD’s on a monthly basis in order to continue to develop your skill set. Time and again this is what pays off as we work together to advance the careers of our clients and prepare for the next placement…for your next advancement.

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