Talent Representation that exceeds clients’ needs with a full range of diversified services.

  • Highly personal and caring service
  • Talent Coaching
  • Preparation to meet and exceed the competition
  • Job Search: Knowing where the jobs are, and where they are going to be
  • Negotiate and structure a fair deal
  • Ongoing skilled career guidance


Mort Meisner Associates places talent in new positions across the country in all market sizes. A vast knowledge of the industry and extensive contacts are the true collateral of Mort Meisner Associates. Years of working in the industry provide Mort Meisner Associates the “gold” of talent placement: relationships and privileged information.

Our stellar reputation and broad network offer Mort Meisner Associates invaluable access to information. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry. We know where the jobs are and we know how to recognize talent and match it to markets and positions. With Mort Meisner Associates your work will be seen and considered. With Mort Meisner Associates talent gets placed—You will get a job that is the right fit for you.

Career Mapping

Developing a game plan is just as important to a career as accumulated experience and skills. Knowing where you ultimately want to be is integral to the journey. Mort Meisner Associates uses its considerable expertise to assist clients in determining the appropriate career path in today – and tomorrow’s – media environment. The best advisors are those who are seasoned, but operate with current and up-to-date processes. Our modern and well-connected offices draw on years of experience in the broadcast news and entertainment industries, offering a wealth of background for coaching our clients in their career trajectory.

Performance Critique

At Mort Meisner Associates clients get valuable and honest critique of their work. With tremendous respect for the hard work that goes into creative, editorial and performance/presentation, Mort Meisner Associates delivers expert coaching and mentoring in all areas of delivery, voice quality, communications skills and writing style. These skills of the trade are basic to the daily work of our clients. Our professional and objective critique helps finesse our clients’ presentations for the competitive industry job market. We also have access to and work with some of the top talent coaches in the country.

Contract Negotiations & Legal Counsel

Our first priority is you, our client. Once offered a new position, our job is to negotiate your contract and structure the deal. This process can be cumbersome, confusing and feel a bit overwhelming at times for our clients, but this is where Mort Meisner Associates excels. Mort himself has years of experience on the other side of the news desk, giving our team an important edge in crafting contracts. Mort Meisner Associates also has legal counsel, on retainer, if needed/desired. We protect our clients’ interests and get the best possible financial deals.

Voice and Talent Coaching

  • Kiefer Communications Group – Voice and Talent Coaching

Makeup Consulting & Coaching

  • Lisa Glickoff/Astute Artistry

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