New YorkChecky-Beckford

I’ve been with Mort since almost the beginning of my career and his work speaks for itself. He’s helped me move from market 84 to New York in just five years. And when I was thinking about staying in a smaller market to gain more anchoring experience, he was willing to help with that too. Mort can help you get wherever you want to go. Most importantly, he’s always available. I hear horror stories from other talent about never hearing from their agent. Oftentimes, I have to admit, Mort is calling ME to get samples of my work or check on how things are going. Mort’s become more than an agent, he’s become a really great ally in furthering my career.

Checky Beckford
Reporter, WNBC

New York

Mort’s a wizard.  What more can I say?  From the minute I signed with him, my career took off.  I sent him a reel on Thursday, he sent it out on Friday and by Monday he had a list of places interested in me.  A week later I was interviewing at NBC New York.   I talked to a manager there who told me Mort is the kind of guy who will always fight for his clients.  He’s seen Mort work his magic first hand.

Mort is the rare type of agent who calls you when he says he’s going to call you, who answers you any day of the week, or any time of the day.  He’s straight to the point, supportive, and genuine.  That’s a hard mix to find these days.

It’s always a difficult process finding the “right” agent for you, but I can assure you he is a game-changer.  I’m glad I have Mort in my corner.

Adam Harding
General Assignment Reporter, NBC O&O WNBC

New York

I think the most important thing a talent agent can do is to truly, authentically believe in you. Mort has believed in me, at times more than I’ve even believed in myself. He gets to know his clients well, and in doing so he’s able to pitch you to news directors and hiring managers beyond what they can see on your resume and your reel. He’s able to get you across the finish line to actually land that high-level, high-profile job–and then negotiate a great deal for you on top of that. He’s always available to talk, to strategize–and he’s with you for the long haul.

T.V. news is changing and there are so many more avenues to success outside of the traditional linear path we’re all used to. Mort has a working knowledge of the opportunities out there and he’s able to prepare you for them. When I decided to make the jump from on-air to producing, Mort was right there with me. He knew I could do it and he made sure recruiters and news managers understood that as well. He helped me land a position–with lighting speed, may I add– with NewsNation in New York, where I am so excited to start a new chapter in my career. It’s an incredibly rare opportunity and I am looking forward to this next challenge!

This is a tough industry, as all of us in it know, and you need an agent who is fully in your corner, who is your ally and number one fan, someone who is authentic and genuine and honest with you, and has the trust of hiring managers in top local markets and networks. Mort has all of those qualities, and more.

Sabina Kuriakose
Segment Producer, NewsNation

New York (In Memoriam 1951-2013)John-Noel

Subject: The only talent agency I would recommend.

My name is John Noel and since 1998 I’ve been a general assignment reporter at WNBC TV in New York City. I actually began my career in broadcasting as a radio announcer, during the Vietnam War, assigned to the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network unit at Nakhom Phanom Air Force Base in Thailand. After finishing my military service in 1976, I attended Brooklyn College and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism.
My next stop was the University of Missouri School of Journalism for a Master of Arts degree. I was then off to KSDK TV in St. Louis, Missouri, where I spent ten years as a general assignment reporter before moving on to WJBK in Detroit for five years. That was where I signed on with Mort Meisner and Associates.
Prior to that, my experiences with six other agents ranged from mediocre to nightmarish, requiring a lawyer to facilitate the termination of one contract.
When I decided I wanted to leave WJBK in Detroit it took Mort a matter of weeks and I had two job offers in New York City along with two in Detroit.
After many years working in Television News, Mort has two primary assets that are invaluable to a client. He is a good judge of talent, at least what News Directors are looking for in the way of talent and he has name recognition, so they will take his call.
As my lead says: Mort is the only agent I would recommend to anyone.

John Noel
Reporter, WNBC

New York

Choosing Mort to represent me is the best career decision I’ve made. His mentorship, guidance, and unbelievable roster of contacts has helped me move up in my career at an incredible speed, and fulfill a lifelong goal of working at the network level. Mort will answer your calls on first ring, and if he doesn’t, he will text or email you right away to let you know when he’s available. He will give you ‘tough love’ to hone your craft. He will put you in touch with experts in makeup, hair, speech, and writing to make you the best reporter you can be. I cannot recommend Mort highly enough.

Laura Thoren Podesta
CBS News Correspondent, New York Bureau

QVC, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Mort has been a Godsend with advising me on how to successfully navigate the tv industry – while allowing my unique talents to shine. He’s well respected, has a wealth of knowledge and a heart of gold. I’m blessed to be on his team!

Stacey Rusch
Host, QVC Television Network

New Jersey

I have known Mort Meisner for more than 35 years. He is one of the most positive individuals who possesses a broader picture of the world and of the common man. Mort’s relationship with CNBC made the process of getting a deal done very simple. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

Isaiah “Ike” McKinnon
CNBC Contributor/Commentator

Los AngelesLauren Pozen

The stars are aligned and I am heading back to my home state of California, Los Angeles (Market 2)! My “Superstar” agent sealed the deal! Mort has been my agent for a decade. Throughout my career, there have been many highs and lows and through it all, he has remained my loyal advocate. The stress of advancing in this career always ends up with a celebration. He brings out the best in you and all of the boxes can be checked when on his team. Mort’s honesty and integrity is unmatched. He is a top-notch agent, life coach and forever friend.

Lauren Pozen
Reporter, KCBS

Los AngelesAmy-Johnson

I chose Mort Meisner for representation because of his countless years in news management. Mort knows what News Directors are looking for and he knows how to talk to them. Mort is honest and fair and always available to his clients. When you join Mort Meisner Associates you really are part of a family.

Amy Johnson
Reporter, KCBS

Los Angeles

In an upside down and increasingly tumultuous world, Steve Koles has been a professional bulwark, and a kinetic force in my job search the last few months. On a personal level, I feel like I’ve known Steve for ages. His personable and unflappable nature have given me a sense of confidence that I’m in good hands. Any talent fortunate enough to work with Steve will be truly “represented”, and have a diligent and vocal proponent on their team.

Jonathan Novack
Meteorologist, KTTV


With Mort Meisner, I know I have an agent who is just as dedicated to my career goals as I am. Mort is a friend, mentor and skilled negotiator. His years in news management give him a valuable perspective. He understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships in this industry.

I temporarily left broadcast journalism to pursue a law degree and to practice law. Returning to news was always part of my career plan. So when I was ready to make that change, I decided to sign with Mort. He provides honest, useful critiques and is available for my questions at any time. He not only helped me jump back into news, but since then, Mort has been a driving force in quickly getting me into many anchor and reporter positions I wanted in major news markets.

I appreciate all of Mort’s support and look forward to many more years with him as my agent.

Irika Sargent
Primary Anchor, WBBM – CBS Chicago


Of all the decisions I’ve made during the course of my career, hiring Mort was undoubtedly one of the smartest and most rewarding. Not only has he been a fierce champion and advocate of mine from our first phone call, but he has opened doors for me I didn’t know existed. Forever proud to have him in my corner!

Markie Martin
Anchor, NewsNation Morning in America


Mort Meisner helped me land my dream staff job at CBS 2 Chicago. Mort goes the extra mile with his clients and his professionalism stands out. I would recommend him to anyone searching for a thoughtful agent.

Megan Hickey
General Assignment Reporter, CBS O&O WBBM


Mort Meisner has been with me since the beginning of my career and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I am thankful to have him by my side. He’s my number one advocate, he fights for me and more importantly he believes in me. He’s a tremendous agent with connections in major markets like no other and knows this business inside and out. He’s a great mentor and because of his guidance over the years I have landed in my dream market.

Vi Nguyen,
General Assignment Reporter, NBC O&O, WMAQ


Working with Mort has helped me become a better journalist. His feedback is direct, unfiltered and extremely insightful. Mort is invested in helping his clients fulfill their full potential. The feedback I got from Mort was dramatically different- and a lot more helpful- than what I was getting in newsrooms. He never misses a call or fails to respond to an email. Mort has gone above and beyond in supporting my development as an investigative journalist and he has always been my best advocate. 

PJ Randhawa
Consumer Investigative Reporter, NBC O&O, WMAQ


Mort has been guiding me every step of the way since he started representing me as an Investigative reporter at WTVG 13 ABC, in Toledo, Ohio. Mort’s connections and savvy advice helped me to secure positions as a Special Segments Producer, then as a General assignment Reporter at Chicago’s number one station, WLS, ABC 7, Eyewitness news.

What I appreciate most about him is that if you are knocking it out of the ballpark he will tell you. At the same time, he’s also not going to hand out a compliment just because you want to hear it. He gives you the advice you need to be successful.

Mort always answers his phone or returns phone calls quickly- whether it’s an immediate concern or a discussion about the long-term future and planning ahead.

With him I don’t feel like just another client and I am also proud to call him a great friend!

Jason Knowles
Reporter, ABC O&O WLS


One of my biggest fears as I ventured into the TV news industry just a few months post college was having little connections and virtually no one on my side.

It was hard to learn who to trust and who genuinely had my back.

Then I started working with Mort and it took little to no time to realize his true intentions were to help me grow as a journalist.

He kept it real with me from day one and helped me improve my work to get noticed by the best of the best.

Because of his help, I jumped from a mid-80 sized market to top five and felt respected and valued every step of the way.

Mort is a great agent, cheerleader and someone who I know I can trust in an industry where that may be hard to find!

Paige Ellenberger
Weekday Morning Reporter, FOX O&O KDFW


Choosing Mort to represent me has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. His belief in me gave me so much confidence during the job search process, and he ultimately helped me land my dream job in Dallas.  Mort responds quickly – whether it’s by phone, text, or email. You always feel like a priority.  He is honest, encouraging, and will give you solid advice to help you grow.  I truly feel like he will always have my back, no matter what the circumstance, and I’m grateful to have him on my team.

Caroline Vandergriff
Reporter, CBS O&O KTVT


Hire him. Two very simple words you should pay close attention to. A lot of us have destination markets when we get into this business, and I’m no different. Most agents don’t like hearing that, but instead of trying to persuade me into a different thinking–Mort created a battle plan immediately. He got it done, and now I’m where I want to be. Not only that, I love his advice, support, and enthusiasm. Now, remember those two simple words at the beginning of all this? Do it. As Mort always says, ‘this isn’t a hobby,’ and if you feel the same way–bring him onto your team.

Matt Howerton
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate WFAA

San FranciscoHall-Kari

I highly recommend Mort Meisner to anyone who’s looking to further their career. I’ve gone much farther than I could have ever imagined and the possibilities seem endless for the future.

I really appreciate how Mort not only considers what’s best for me, but my family as well.  I’m so thankful for all of his hard work and kind words of encouragement along the way. He knows so much about the business and each market. I know I couldn’t have been this successful on my own.
Thank you!

Kari Hall
Meteorologist, NBC O&O KNTV

San Francisco

I’ve been with Mort for over ten years — in that time I’ve gone from a medium market, to Top 30, to Top 25, and now into the Top 10. But it’s not just about market size or “ladder-climbing” with Mort…throughout my career, I’ve always felt he’s made a concerted effort to put me in positive situations.

I rely on him for his contacts within the television news industry, of course, but also for his perspective on station management and ownership, and knowledge about a station’s position within the market. And I know I can count on him for constructive criticism of my work.

Mort Meisner is more than just an agent…he’s a fully-invested partner in my career, and an advocate for my professional success and personal happiness.

Paul Heggen
Chief Meteorologist, CBS O&O KPIX


If you are lucky enough to be reading this, congratulations, your search for an agent to help take you to the next level is over.

Mort came *highly* recommended to me by colleagues and mentors in all the high places at both the local and network level across the industry. Immediately after speaking to him for the first time, it was blatantly obvious that he has an incredible in-depth understanding of the field and a desire to help clients succeed far beyond that of any other agent I spoke and interacted with.

He won’t tell you what you want to hear, only what you need to hear and more importantly, the truth about your present and future in this industry. He is not going to sugarcoat your process, but he will give his absolute all to help guide you through the ups and downs of the industry with class, respect and professionalism. He gives detailed real-time updates at all hours of the day and isn’t afraid to use his 30+ years of experience across every market size and industry position to benefit his clients. When you call, he will answer, and if he’s busy expect a call back as soon as he is free.

I gave Mort a list of my top desired markets, many of which were in the Top 10, and he delivered. Because of Mort I had multiple offers from stations in the Top 10, and best of all, multiple offers in my hometown and top choice of Atlanta, GA and was able to sign a contract in record time during what many would say is a “slump” in the business because of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID may have slowed our industry, but it didn’t slow Mort.

Not only is he a good person to partner with, he truly is a good person at heart who cares about his client’s careers and happiness. I am so lucky and so grateful to have found not only an incredible agent, but a lifelong co-worker, teammate, mentor and friend.

Allen Devlin
General Assignment Reporter and Fill-In Anchor, CBS Affiliate WGCL


Calling Mort my ‘agent’ undersells how he’s helped me over the past couple of years. We spoke early on about my goals for my next market and what I wanted. I clarified that I wanted to be in the field and at least partially keep shooting my own stories. I started journalism in my 30s and knew I had to work hard and separate myself to catch up to younger reporters.

So, we got to it. I’d send Mort my work each week, and he’d critique it and make suggestions. My stuff began to improve drastically. (He doesn’t mince words and will tell if your stories suck.)  When my contract in Midland-Odessa (#138) was up, I had major news markets coming to me. The whole situation was overwhelming, but Mort guided me through the different looks I was getting (Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix). I eventually took an MMJ/Reporter job in Atlanta (#7).

If you’re looking for someone who knows the business, has an infinite number of industry connections, and will lay down the hammer to help you improve and get where you want to go, Mort is your guy.

Joshua Skinner
Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate WANF


Mort helped me achieve big things in a short amount of time.
With him, it’s not just about finding a job but improving your skills over a long-term period of time. Not to mention, he is always around for advice!
I started my career in West Virginia and from there, I moved to Alabama. That’s when I began working with Mort.
From there, he helped me move to Columbus, Ohio. Then he helped open a major door for me in my dream market… Atlanta!
I am blown away by how he has helped me succeed.
If you want someone to assist you in achieving your goals quickly and effectively, Mort is your person.

Mary Smith
Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate WGCL


It has been a pleasure working with Mort. He is diligent and dedicated when it comes to figuring out your next career move and helping you to get there. Mort is always just a phone call away ready to listen and give great insight and honest advice. It’s nice to know that I have someone in my corner who will advocate for me. Mort has a wealth of knowledge in the TV news business, not only from being a long-time agent but from being a former news director as well. I appreciate Mort’s guidance and the fact that he tries to put the client’s needs first.”

Remeisha Shade
Meteorologist, FOX O&O KRIV


Mort Meisner is more than just an agent. He has a genuine interest in you and your career at each level. From the moment I signed with him to well after I got a job he stayed in close contact. Thanks to his vast network of contacts and guidance I jumped more than 75 markets to a top 10. Mort is aggressive, honest and reliable!

Shelly Childers
General Assignment Reporter, ABC O&O, KTRK


Mort has been instrumental in guiding my career in a way that has assured me that he truly does have my best interest in mind. With his consistent feedback and guidance, I have always felt confident I’ve been able to make the best possible choices relating to the many opportunities he has presented to me over the years.

Gino Vicci
Reporter/MSJ, WWJ, CBS Detroit


Having the opportunity to learn and grow with Mort Meisner is proving to be one of the best decisions I have made in my career. His industry knowledge and connections in markets all throughout the country are something that would intrigue any person seeking to work with an agent. He’s responsive, flexible and provides excellent feedback. I’m looking forward to working with Mort for a long time and would recommend him to anyone in the tv news industry.

Luke Laster
Reporter/MMJ, WWJ, CBS  Detroit


Mort is much more than an agent. He is a friend, confidant, mentor, and most importantly, he feels like family. He is not a greedy agent of opportunity and convenience. When you need to talk to Mort, he’s there. When you text or email Mort, he responds. His experience and long history in this industry combined with his persistence and dedication helped me land my dream job in Detroit. I am very grateful for my relationship with Mort.

Taryn Asher
Anchor/Reporter, FOX O&O WJBK FOX 2


Newbies in the broadcasting world often ask if they need an agent. The answer is yes, but only if it’s the RIGHT agent. Then at some point in nearly every broadcaster’s career, they ask themselves “do I still really NEED an agent?”  The answer is the same. Yes, but only if it’s the RIGHT agent. Mort Meisner is the RIGHT agent. For the past decade, I arrogantly attempted to solo navigate the often-harsh world of television and radio media. I saved myself a few dollars in agent fees, and probably cost myself hundreds of thousands in missed opportunities. Not to mention uncomfortable negotiations and damaged relationships with managers that would become bosses once a contract was finally signed. After years of watching my struggle, my dear friend Adam recommended I reach out to Mort Meisner. 25 years ago, I was the first female meteorologist in Detroit television history. But I had been out of the business for 13 years, and was afraid it was too late for my dreams. Within 6 months of signing with Mort Meisner Associates, I had a deal in front of me to become the first female CHIEF meteorologist in Detroit television history at one of the best stations in the country WDIV-TV. Babe Ruth once said “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”  Mort gave me the courage to get back into the game and I am eternally grateful.

Kim Adams
Chief Meteorologist, WDIV-TV Detroit


Wow! Two years ago I wrote a testimonial bragging on how much Mort got me a job to help me reach my short-term goals to set me up for my dream job down the road. Now, thanks to his coaching and contacts I accepted an offer from my dream station, in my hometown. Time and time again Mort proves he knows what news directors are looking for. The feedback may be hard to take in, but in the long-run, combined with your hard work, it produces the callbacks and offers you want.

I’m impressed at the amount of clients Mort works with while still never being too busy for me. He always returns my call, responds to my texts or emails within the hour. Working with Mort Meisner is easily the best career move and investment I’ve made. Thanks Mort.

Megan Woods
General Assignment Reporter, WDIV, NBC Detroit


I wouldn’t be where I am today without Mort. When I walked in his office out of grad school, unemployed, and inexperienced… I told him I wanted to be in Detroit. He said he would get me there if I put in the work and he came through on his word. He has been an endless source of support and guidance in and out of the newsroom. He’s attentive, helpful, and dedicated at any time I’ve needed him. Mort has been in my corner since day one and I am so grateful for the constant friend and mentor he has been to me.

Jeanna Trotman
Sports Anchor/Reporter, ABC Affiliate WXYZ


Mort has been a constant ally and support system since we began working together in July of 2018. He knows when to push, when to cheer on, and when to simply listen and allow the client to follow their instincts. Mort has played a really important role in helping me achieve my career goals thus far. If you’re willing to put 100 percent into your career goals, Mort will always have your back, and will work tirelessly until you reach them.

Jenn Schanz
Weekend Anchor/Weekday Reporter, ABC affiliate WXYZ


Committed, Thorough, Passionate.

Glenda Lewis
Anchor/Reporter, WXYZ


Mort Meisner came highly recommended to me and has lived up to his reputation. I recently signed with Mort and I am so glad that I did.  He treats you like you’re his only client even though he represents many top-notch people in the business. But not only that, Mort treats you like a friend.  He answered all of my questions and guided me through my latest contact. I was very satisfied with his results. I hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.

Rico Beard
Host, 97.1 The Ticket, Mike Valenti Show, Detroit


I’ve known Mort for many years and I’m thrilled to have him as my agent. He’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic, readily available, and never gives up!!

Deanna Lites
Health Reporter, WWJ NewsRadio 950 


From years of guidance in television news, to a major market drive time radio gig, Mort has been instrumental. Here’s to growth and continued success in the years to come!

Jonathan Carlson
Morning Drive Anchor, WWJ Newsradio 950


It’s not every day you get to land your dream radio job. Mort, through his guidance and wisdom, has allowed me to do just that. I am extremely grateful to be working with him and can’t describe how pleased I am with our relationship.

Jason Scott
Morning Drive Anchor, WWJ-AM 


There isn’t a better agent than Mort Meisner. The past 15-years of my 24-year career as an anchor and reporter have been incredibly successful – directly as a result of Mort’s guidance, placement, critique, and knowledge of an industry that very few understand as well as Mort. When he and I partnered in 2007, I went from a small market news anchor to a dream job in San Diego. With his discernment of a changing tide within the industry, we made another move five years later that I hadn’t expected but had proven to be a game-changer for me: more money, more freedom, more challenges, and more experience. Now, Mort has moved me into another game-changing position at WJR in Detroit. This is probably the most exciting and appropriately fitting job for me in this phase of my career (a career that keeps getting more fulfilling). Thank to Mort, who is not only my agent but has become a dear friend.

Tom Jordan
WJR, 760 AM, Talk Show Host 


I said it six years ago and I’ll confidently say it again, Mort Meisner is a Godsend. Not only as an agent, but as a friend and supporter of my professional career in television since day one.

He is a fearless networker, tireless go-getter, and someone who I am beyond proud to have in my corner at all times. He’s knowledgeable, persistent, dependable, and most importantly, he’s effective! When you hire Mort all you see are results, results, results.

His guidance, honest nature, constructive criticism and advice is unparalleled. I never thought at the age of 25 I’d knock into a top 20 market and continue to climb from there, but that’s the thing about Mort, he sees your potential before you do. As a team, we’ve made my professional dreams come true three times over and for that, I feel blessed.

Mort is more than just an agent to me, he is family.


Spencer Thomas


Mort is the real deal! What more can I say! Choosing Mort to represent me, has been one of my greatest blessings. With his mentorship, guidance and years of management in the news business, he placed me into a top market.
When I first signed with Mort, within just days I had countless of opportunities. However, he didn’t let me settle.  Mort knew exactly what I wanted and encouraged me to be patient. This is why I have to say, it is not just an honor to have him as my agent, but as my friend. Mort always wanted what would make me happy.
Mort is very honest. He is a person you can rely on and trust. He is always available at any time and simply wants the best for you. I look forward to continue having Mort on my team. I cannot recommend Mort highly enough.

Jessica Vallejo
General Assignment Reporter, NBC O&O WTVJ, MIAMI


All I can say is Mort is the guy! If you want someone who will tell you good, bad and everything in between … If you want someone who is A) invested in your career and wants to see you thrive. B) Help you to grow, look no further. Mort, from day one, started off with what he liked and what he didn’t like about my reporting. He gives honest feedback ensuring you get to a market that makes you happy and will be a great fit. He doesn’t stop after he places you. He continues to check in and help define your skills even after landing the dream jump. 10/10 recommend.

Samiar Nefzi
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate WPLG


Mort is an absolute Rockstar and the exact type of person you want in your corner!

I was wary about signing with an agent at first, and you should be too—unless it’s Mort.

From the very beginning of the process he kept it real, offering guidance and tips. I told him my goal of making it to a top 20 market and we made it happen.  He helped tweak some things in my reel and within days of him sending it out I was getting interest from a number of stations, thanks to his connections.

When it was time to accept, he made sure to negotiate for the terms I wanted and now I’m headed to my dream station. I look forward to our partnership for years to come.

Aaron Parseghian
General Assignment Reporter/MSJ, CBS Affiliate WTSP


I have been a friend and client of Mort for more than a decade. In that time, he’s helped guide me from a field reporter to network correspondent to news anchor in my hometown.

Mort’s expertise and advice helped get me in front of some of the biggest decision makers in the industry. In less than three years, he guided me from reporter in Tampa, Fl. (WFTS-TV, DMA 13) to Chicago (WBBM-TV, DMA 3) to a correspondent with CBS News based in Los Angeles. Most recently, Mort helped me achieve a dream of returning home to Tampa as an anchor with WFLA Newschannel 8 (NBC).

Mort is incredibly connected and respected throughout the broadcast industry. Most importantly, he deeply believes in his clients and always goes the extra mile and beyond to ensure your career is on the right track. Mort is not just an agent, he’s a dear friend and I’m incredibly grateful for his endless support.

Chris Martinez
Anchor/ Reporter WFLA NBC Tampa


After sending Mort my reporter reel, he replied the next morning and showed immediate interest in representing me. Right away he identified my strengths and offered honest feedback that would help prepare me for a top-15 market. Mort becomes a mentor and your biggest advocate during the job search. I know he’s always looking out for my best interests. His belief in my reporting helped assure me we’d find the right opportunity to advance my career. Mort has told me if he was still a news director, he’d hire me. That means a lot to me given his reputation in the industry and experience leading newsrooms in major markets. Thanks to Mort’s guidance, connections and persistence, I’m making a 20-market jump from Hartford/New Haven to Tampa.

Justin Schecker
Reporter, NBC Affiliate WFLA


The first conversation I had with Steve lasted well over an hour. He took the time to get to know me and never made me feel like just another client on a long list of them.

He has held my hand through the job search process and been someone to bounce ideas off of, while also sharing wisdom from his many years in the industry. It becomes something less daunting when you don’t have to go it alone and you have someone championing you.

He truly cares about his clients and wants them to find a place they feel is right, deep down; not just somewhere that may look right on paper. He also realizes that looks different for everybody.

Kylie Jones
Reporter, Fox O&O WTVT


Mort is the best agent in the business. He’s honest, upfront, and an expert in the industry. He believes in you and helps you excel in your career. Mort worked hard to help me jump 30 markets sizes to a top 20 market. There’s no other agent I’d trust more than Mort.

Caitlin McCarthy
General Assignment Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate WOIO


Mort is a powerhouse of an agent! He is supportive and honest with his clients. He listens to what their goals are and helps them do everything they can to accomplish them. I have been working with Mort for two years now and he has helped me grow as a reporter and reach my goal of getting in to a top 20 market. He is always around if you need advice or have any questions. His role as an agent and a friend does not stop once you land your next job. He is a great person to have in your corner and I am so thankful for his guidance.

Brittany Wier
Reporter, CBS Affiliate WOIO


Working with TV news agent Steve Koles, of Mort Meisner Associates, is a partnership. Our relationship was built on listening, honest critique, and trust. Career transitions can be difficult, but Steve’s character, consistency, and ability to connect with decision-makers helped me land an opportunity that aligns with my professional values and fits the needs of my family.

Damon Maloney
Anchor/Reporter, ABC Affiliate WEWS


Without a doubt, Mort is the best agent in the biz. He truly works hard each day until you’re placed. He managed to get me a better job within my current tv market in a matter of just a few weeks, which is basically unheard of.

Kristin Mazur
Reporter, Spectrum News Ohio


From day one, Mort has been invested into my career. He’s an agent, but he does more than find jobs. He prepares you for the next position by offering critiques on your work as often as you send clips. His insight as to what hiring managers are looking for is invaluable since he’s worn the news director hat many times. Mort is also well-connected. Put in the work and he’ll make sure the right people see you. Importantly, when you call, text or email – he will respond.

Shawnte Passmore,
General Assignment Reporter, CBS O&O KOVR


Mort was recommended to me, unsurprisingly, from a friend and fellow reporter. After showing him my work as a reporter in Oklahoma City, he told me he had no doubt my next stop would be in a top 20 market. In a job where you don’t always get good feedback, Mort was able to help me make some tweaks and changes that no doubt helped me land a job in Orlando!

Mort gets it. As a former news manager, he knows exactly what stations want to see on a reel and what they want to hear in an interview. More importantly, he probably knows them on a personal basis.

He’s not going to hold your hand through the process but will give it to you straight and is always available to talk.

I recommend Mort to anyone who asks!

Connor Hansen
General Assignment Reporter, FOX O&O WOFL


Mort has had my back from day one. He has connected me with people and mentors that are actively coaching me to be a better journalist every day. It’s a tough industry, and Mort is a tough agent. We need more of that in today’s world. When I am at my lowest, I call Mort. When I am curious about how to put a solid story together, I call Mort. When I need advice on how to better establish sources, I call Mort. Under his representation, I am constantly growing. His guidance, mentoring, and constant search for my next best opportunity has propelled me into a top market at a top station. I am so grateful for these last two years with him. The “Mort Meisner Method” works, and I look forward to growing my career with Mort for years to come.

Kelsie Cairns
General Assignment Reporter, FOX O&O WOFL


Mort truly puts his clients first. He’s quick to respond to all calls and emails and offers honest, but fair critiques of your work. Mort really makes the job search as easy and as painless as possible. I could not have made this latest move without him and his guidance.

Mike Springer
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate WFTV


Before signing with Mort, I had reservations about working with an agent. I had heard from colleagues about bad experiences they had working with various agencies and it gave me pause. But, from the moment I spoke with Mort, I felt such positive energy. His candor was refreshing; he told me what he liked and what needed improvement. Most importantly, I could tell that he believed in me and wanted me to succeed.

I used his constructive criticism to redo my reporting reels and resume. Within weeks of working with him, Mort got me three interviews in top 40 markets, including Philadelphia. Soon I was offered a reporting job in Orlando. I relied on Mort’s vast experience and negotiating skills to guide me through the process. I am couldn’t have done it without him.

Julie Gargotta
Anchor Reporter, Spectrum News


The best thing about Mort is the way he fights relentlessly for his clients. He’s a guy who you never have to doubt has your best interests at heart. I always feel like the next move we make, and ‘we’ is definitely the right word, is going to be a move that puts me in a position to reach my ultimate career goals. He knows the business and has a story of a previous client for every situation, meaning he’s seen and done it all before. That’s experience I want on my team.

David Schuman
General Assignment Reporter, CBS O&O WCCO


I just started with Mort and WHEW am I impressed. Searching for a job in the midst of a pandemic was something I never anticipated, but with Mort’s guidance and confidence in me, I landed a job within weeks under his direction. From coaching, to just lending an ear to listen, this is someone you want in your corner. Does this man sleep? Honestly, he ALWAYS returns calls/follows up with email, which is super important given the nature of this business. I can’t wait to make this a long-term relationship and I am excited for what the future of my career holds with Mort.

Kelsie Cairns
Anchor/Reporter, ABC Affiliate WWSB


I have been in the broadcast business for a long time, and the overwhelming majority of the time, I did not have an agent. After talking with many friends, colleagues, and respected news directors, Mort and I started working together in March. It was two short months before my position at a CBS O&O was eliminated in the midst of the COVID pandemic.  We both knew finding a comparable job in the middle of an international health emergency was going to be a challenge. Yet a few months later, I am over-the-moon excited about making a move from television news and back to my roots in radio as the Afternoon Drive host at KDKA Radio, the nation’s oldest commercial station.

There were bumps along the way, but there was never a sense of panic. Mort was supremely confident in me, my reel, my reputation, and the trajectory of my career. He was patient and strategic, while never compromising on looking at top markets, top jobs with reputable ownership. He worked to find a place that fit my style and my values.  Most importantly, the search was never about what was best for Mort Meisner and his agency. It was ALWAYS about what was best for me and for our family.

Not all agents operate the way Mort does, but I am truly grateful to have him as my representation and my friend.

Rick Dayton
Talk Radio Host, KDKA, Pittsburgh


When I tell someone who doesn’t have an agent that I am represented, their first question is always, “why?” My answer is always the same; I say there are plenty of talented people in this industry. They may not be as talented as you are, but they’re still talented. A good and honest agent is able to push your talents through to the front and highlight your abilities. That’s what Mort Meisner has done for me. He has proven reliable and a man of his word. I will always be appreciative to him of that fact.

Ron Smiley
Meteorologist, CBS O&O, KDKA


Steve Koles was a GODSEND during my job search. He is a helpful, supportive agent who, at times, may have served as my therapist, too! Thanks Steve.

Erica Mokay
Reporter/Anchor, CBS O&O KDKA


Mort has been a trusted advisor and friend throughout my TV career.

Searching for a new role during the pandemic has been challenging and very frustrating, but I felt confident having Mort working with me every step of the way to find the right opportunity for me and my family. He was always 3 steps ahead of me in getting news directors my work and giving me insight into what was happening at each station.

Mort has always listened to what I wanted for my career and lifestyle and provides helpful feedback to improve my work. I am excited to be making a huge jump in my career to a top 25 market and can’t thank Mort enough for the guidance, support, and industry knowledge.

Annie Szatkowski
Anchor/Reporter, Fox affiliate WJZY


I can’t begin to say how much Mort has helped me in my career. I first started working with him in 2016 and from the moment I signed on, he was honest about what I needed to do. Within the first two months, he set me up with an anchor coach and a fashion coach to bring my skills and presentation to another level. He kept challenging me to get better, and more importantly, he believed in me. Trying to find a sports job in a top 25 market isn’t easy, but Mort kept the faith and never stopped trying, even when things got extremely frustrating. I firmly believe without Mort, there might not have been a next step for me. Bottom line: if you are willing to put in the work and are open to working on your craft, he’ll get you where you want to go.

Mike Lacett
Sports Anchor/Reporter, FOX Affiliate WJZY


I signed with Mort back in October when my contract at my last station ended and I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do next. Mort sat on the phone with me for hours and helped me plan out what my next steps will be. During that time I had some offers that I turned down and Mort was very supportive that I wanted to wait for the “perfect” job to come around. After months of searching I found one that I absolutely love at Spectrum News in North Carolina. Throughout those months Mort was very patient with me and understood that I did not want to just settle to have a job but I wanted somewhere I could be happy. He is not pushy and wants to help you become the best you can be. The best part about Mort, he is ALWAYS available. I have called Mort very early in the morning and very late at night and he always picks up the phone. He is someone you can vent to when you had a bad day at work and someone you can send any story to just for some feedback if you think something just isn’t right with it. All and all I found Mort at a time in my life when I wasn’t sure what I wanted and Mort became a friend that I knew I could trust. I have never been happier at my job and I have Mort to thank for that.

Rose Eiklor
Report/MMJ, Spectrum News Charlotte


Steve has gone to bat for me since day one. I was hesitant to work with an agent at first, but Steve eased my concerns. I was upfront about primarily focusing on one market, and he worked with me to make that goal become a reality. Steve used his experience as a news director to help guide me through the job-hunting process. He was able to tell me what stories should be on my resume tape. He was also willing to negotiate for me once I received a job offer. Steve is patient, fair and honest.

Jonathan Hunter
Reporter, WMAR


Steve Koles has been the answer to my career goals and dreams. When we first met, I’ll be honest — I was apprehensive about getting an agent, but he proved himself to be more than just an agent.

He became a teammate, a friend, a reliable source, and someone I can go to about anything professionally. My work has transformed. I have become a better and more confident journalist thanks to his coaching.

Steve was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and honest as we looked for and prepared for my dream job. He made sure I did not settle. He advocated and made sure my voice was heard. Steve sees his clients’ worth and only wants the best for us. There is no one else I could have prayed for to help me get this far. I am grateful and honored to have him in my corner.

The sky is the limit with Steve—and you’d be crazy not to soar with him.

Janay Reece
Reporter, WJZ


I reached out to Mort at the height of the pandemic, looking to make a significant jump after a decade of anchoring and reporting in the same market. We spoke at length, and right away, I knew this would be a good fit. He gave me advice on what I needed to do to make my next move, but most importantly, he listened to me and genuinely cared about my goals and needs.

Mort gave me the feedback and coaching that I absolutely needed to succeed. He believed in me, encouraged me, and pushed me to grow into the best journalist I can be. The results worked. I followed his suggestions, and the opportunities started popping up left and right. He supported me in finding exactly what was a good fit for ME, and was right by my side every single step of the way throughout the job search process.

Thanks to Mort I am heading to a bigger market, closer to my family, in a position where I can grow and develop my skills as an anchor and reporter. I am so thankful, and my only regret is that we did not connect sooner in my career!

Cyreia Sandlin
Anchor/Reporter, ABC Affiliate WISN


I was recommended to reach out to Mort by several people within the industry and with just a 5-minute phone call, I knew he was going to be able to put me in a market that could foster my growth and get me to my end goal. As a person of color, I represent a whole culture that hasn’t truly been shown on air. Mort sees the need for representation on screen and has worked to put me in a market where I can change the stereotype.

Mort is always there to answer my questions and give me sound advice. He has been instrumental in my career and I would not be where I am without an incredible agent like Mort.

Jessica Madhukar
Reporter, TMJ4 News 


If you want to hire someone you can trust to help you build your career, you need to hire Mort.
I was skeptical at first to get an agent, wondering do I really need one? But after I spoke with him, he immediately put me at ease. He did everything he could to get me the best opportunity for my career. His network is vast and it gained me a foot in the door simply because of his relationships with news directors and his reputation in the industry.
Mort understands chasing a dream while trying to establish a career and is one hundred percent behind you. You feel like you have a coach, mentor and business tycoon all rolled into one. No matter where you are in your career you want Mort in your corner.

Rebecca Klopf
General Assignment Reporter, NBC Affiliate WTMJ


I’ve been represented by Mort for nearly a decade. You can’t get a more reliable and honest agent. Put it simply, he’s good at his job. He answers every phone call, email, and text and doesn’t waste time telling me the truth about my work and how I can be a better journalist. That’s why I’ve been with him for so long. It can be a tough business. It’s nice having not just an agent, but a friend in my corner.

Kristin Byrne
Consumer Investigative Reporter, NBC Affiliate WTMJ


When I was looking for a change in representation, Mort was recommended to me by a long time friend and colleague that happened to be one of his clients. I knew the relationship was going to be a great one from the first phone call. Mostly because it was immediate. He heard I was looking and was available right away to speak with me. That hasn’t changed one bit since signing. Whether it’s a weekend phone call or a late night text message, Mort always responds ASAP.

So often in this business we talk about the “it” factor for talent. Well Mort has the “it” factor of agents. His decades of experience and connections give him the ability to place you in the right job. Not just any job, but the right job where he can see potential for growth and success. You can count on him to give it to you straight… no sugar coating with Mort. That’s exactly what you need to succeed in this business. He recognizes your strengths and will coach you in the areas where you may need it.

I look forward to a long working relationship with Mort and the adventures to come!

Tom Durian
Anchor/Reporter, WTMJ (NBC)


Mort is simply the best. He helped me get from Youngstown to Milwaukee in just two years. He not only coaches me, but cheers me on every single day. He believes in me and wants to see me succeed both personally and professionally. The job search was seamless because of his connections and experience. His accessibility is something I admire as well. I can call him at any time of the day and I know he will pick up.

This industry is tough, but Mort will ALWAYS be in my corner. He is my biggest advocate and cheerleader. I am so blessed that my agent feels like family! Mort is the best of the best!

Megan Lee
Reporter, WTMJ (NBC)


Mort is the first agent I ever trusted. He’s a rare breed that truly cares about his clients. When finding me a job he not only took into consideration my ultimate goal to the finish line, but my quality of life. He’s *ALWAYS* available. And the most refreshing thing he ever said to me was “congrats on this job! On your first day I’ll be looking for your next one.” He doesn’t find you a job and then forget about you, his work has just begun. His coaching and grind to help get you where you want to be is constant. I find his advice in the industry invaluable. He’s honest, and he doesn’t sugar coat the truth. Also, I love plans, and we always have a plan. My only regret is that I did not find Mort sooner. I don’t just consider him my agent but a dear friend.

Cassandra Arsenault
Consumer Reporter, WKYC, NBC


I cannot say enough good things about Mort. I had put off hiring an agent because I thought I could do it myself. But once I signed with Mort things really took off. Handing the job search over to Mort also allowed me to stay focused on work. Mort was very responsive to my calls, emails and texts. And I know Mort listened to me and understood what I wanted in my next move. If you are on the fence – don’t wait. My only regret is that I didn’t sign sooner so I could have had the benefit of his coaching pre- job search.
Shelle Jackson
General Assignment Reporter, NBC Affiliate WRAL


I was very on the fence about getting an agent, but after working with Mort, I wish I would have signed sooner. He gives frank, honest feedback that helps his clients getting better – and it works. Within just a couple of months of working with him, I landed a job I didn’t think was possible. Mort really advocates for his clients and treats them like family. Working with him is easily the best decision I’ve ever made.

Hayley Fixler
Weekend Anchor/Reporter, CBS Affiliate WNCN


Mort has represented me for more than half my television career. Shortly after signing with him, he used his connections to help me move from market 64 to market 15. After spending 7 years reporting in Minneapolis and then Miami, I told Mort I wanted to get closer to home and move to the anchor desk. He was more than happy to change the focus of our job search and after just a few weeks I was offered a weekend anchor position in one of my target markets.

Mort is easy to reach, very responsive, and offers great feedback. He also cares about his clients on a personal level and checks in regularly to see how life is going or just to say hi.

Maggie Newland
Weekend Anchor and Weekday Reporter, WNCN

San  Antonio

Mort is my first agent and I told him my dream is to be a Host for Lifestyle/Entertainment News. After being in my second market for 3 years as a morning multimedia journalist and fill- in Anchor for news, Mort saw my full potential and executed on our plan to get me into lifestyle and entertainment. Now, I am glad to say that I am a Lifestyle Correspondent & producer in San Antonio. Mort made sure we were always on the same page when looking for my next move and I greatly appreciated that. I could call, email with questions or concerns, and I would get a response the same day. I have heard mixed reviews about talent having agents. Mort communicates, he will support your vision, and most importantly put you in the right place to grow and succeed. Thank you, Mort for being an ally, an agent but fighting for me.

Corderro McMurry
Lifestyle Correspondent, Fox Affiliate KABB

Salt Lake City

I’ve really loved working with Mort. He answers phone calls and texts at all times of the day. He’s honest, and he doesn’t waste time. He has your back, and he really wants to help you grow and improve. When I reached out to him, he was immediately on my side.  I’m excited to continue working with him!

Amanda Gilbert
Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate KUTV


Mort has been a wonderful person to have on my team. He advocates and fights for you, to help get what you deserve in the industry. He pushes you to achieve all you are capable of in your career and constantly checks in. He is someone you want on your side representing you and encouraging you.

Alexa N. Farrell
Anchor, NEWS 12 Connecticut


Mort Meisner is an amazing agent. He is honest, supportive, and kind. I met him right before I graduated college in May 2020 when I was looking for my first job in news. Within minutes, I felt like we were already working together as a team. He helped me land my first job as a reporter in beautiful Burlington, Vermont (market 95) — not to mention, at the height of the pandemic! With his guidance and expertise, he helped me make my second jump in less than two years to Hartford, Connecticut (market 30). Mort is there for you every step of the way, answering your phone call on the first ring and telling you what you need to hear. To me, he is “Mort the Mentor,” and someone so valuable to have alongside you in your career and in life.

Jolie Sherman
General Assignment Reporter/MMJ, NBC O&O/NBC CONNECTICUT WVIT


Steve has truly helped me to grow as a reporter. I can honestly say the techniques/ skills he shared during our coaching sessions are what I continue to use today.

I was nervous to sign to an agent but Steve has become more of a mentor to me. I can honestly say he truly cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed in the news business!

Steve is someone that will fight for you and have your back. I highly recommend him.

Taylor Leverett
Weekend Anchor/Reporter, WFMY

AshevilleKaren Wynn

Mort’s honesty and helpfulness concerning my work has helped me improve so much! After spending several years as a stay-at-home mom & part-time employee in El Paso, TX, Mort helped me re-enter the business full time with a nice 40-market jump to WCHS-TV in Charleston, WV. Less than 4 years later, my company promoted me to my current position-up nearly 30 more markets to Asheville, NC. Mort was great in re-negotiating several contracts during this time. He always returns my calls/e-mails, and his rates are very reasonable. I am so thankful to have Mort Meisner on my side!

Karen Wynne
Meteorologist, WLOS

Charleston, WVMacko_Rob

Mort Meisner truly believes in his clients. He will assess your strengths and weaknesses in an honest and straightforward fashion. He doesn’t sugar coat things. Mort will guide you and help you take your career to the next level. He knows the ins and outs of this business and that will help you succeed.

Mort is very accessible to his clients (even after normal business hours). He will listen to your concerns and is someone you can confide in. Mort is not one of those agents that will make you take the first job presented to you. He will also not force you to take a job that’s not right for you. I really respect that about Mort. He cares about his clients and will look out for your best interest.

My only regret is that I didn’t sign with Mort sooner!

Rob Macko
Anchor,  CBS Affiliate WOWK


Let me first say, I am not the easiest of clients – in terms of where I am willing to go for my career. I gave Mort very specific, limited parameters on markets and positions I felt would be the best fit for me. And, he listened – he was patient and persistent – and eventually found me a job in a city where I know I will have the opportunity to grow and be happy.
When it comes to agents – Mort Meisner is a breath of fresh air. He doesn’t tell you what he thinks you want to hear – he tells you the truth. That is imperative when it comes to furthering your career in the news business. I don’t feel like I’m just another client or just another number. I feel Mort has a genuine interest in helping me continue to build a successful career. When Mort’s clients succeed – so does he. It’s that simple. He gets it – and, is a class act all the way!

Rebecca Thomas
Anchor, FOX O&O KTBC


If you want the hardest working talent agent in the television news business then Mort Meisner is your man. Mort has represented me for over a decade, and his level of commitment to helping advance my professional goals has never faded.

With Mort, you will find an agent that understands the demands of this growing business, and someone who doesn’t waiver from being honest about the changes happening in the television news industry.

I like to think that Mort and I have worked, and continue to work, as a TEAM to build my broadcast career. I know I can turn to him for advice whenever I need it, and he will be there ready to help. I can’t say enough good things about Mort. He’s one of the best.

Amanda Salinas
Morning News Anchor, KTBC-TV FOX7


Mort is the best! He is always there for you and has your back. He always takes my calls and texts. He also takes time to look at my work and give feedback. He genuinely cares. Mort recently helped me land a great job in market I really wanted to be in.

Matt Fernandez,
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate KVUE


Mort came highly recommended by several friends and peers in the broadcast industry. Finding the “right agent” can be a tough and long process – you both need to believe in each other to advance your career and Mort has helped with that.

He is very accessible and direct when it comes to questions, advice, and negotiating…plus, he is very connected and respected in the business.

It’s good to know, as an on-air talent, people are behind you when you need them in your career.  Finding the right “fit” is key and Mort and his team are great in helping to do that.

Joel Schipper
Anchor/Reporter, FOX Affiliate WDRB


I began working with Mort Meisner back when I initially entered the broadcasting industry. It is pretty remarkable to personally identify the growth I’ve experienced during my time with him. Mort has helped groom me into a qualified candidate for my dream jobs, and he has worked his magic this time around in helping me secure a job that I believe will be significantly beneficial to my career outlook.

Mort has been there with me throughout the highs and lows, and has helped me persist through the times the pandemic threw at all of us. I think what stands out more than anything else is his willingness to help get his clients exactly the fit that he believes is good for them. He helped me find a phenomenal fit and went to bat for me the moment the opportunity presented itself.

The most impressive thing about Mort is that word of mouth has spread on how talented he is at placing his clients. He has found a way to shape me from a raw reporter to an experienced Sports Anchor. Mort has established himself as a key face in this industry and I am so thankful to have him on my side for this!

Dusty Baker
Sports Anchor/Reporter, NBC Affiliate WAVE


Signing with Mort Meisner is the best decision I’ve made in my career.  Mort is a top-notch agent with established relationships with news directors all over the country. He’s straightforward, honest and fights vigorously for his clients. He demands your best and gives you his in return. He’s also incredibly quick to respond to an email or a phone call. I am proud to be on his team and have full trust he is leading my career in the right direction.

Mike Krafcik
General Assignment Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate WWMT

Grand Rapids

Mort worked fast for me but I wasn’t rushed, and there’s a difference. He recognized and considered my priorities in putting myself and my family in a good position. Mort seems to know a lot of the right people in the right positions and if he doesn’t he quickly gets himself close to those making the decisions.  I trust the work isn’t over as he’s made it clear getting me in the door somewhere isn’t his only job. In a few short months we’ve already worked together to help me grow and I look forward to what’s ahead in the years to come.

Josh Berry
Primary Anchor, WXMI – FOX Chicago

Fort Myers

After two years out of news, I had no idea how I could get my career back on track. Despite a global pandemic, Mort believed in my talent, my character and my ambition and pushed me to find the perfect opportunity for me. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the job search and even called before interviews to encourage me. I found my new job in a dream location with the perfect position. Mort has been by my side the whole time and is still fighting for me and my future. I have full faith and trust in him to help me reach my ultimate goals. Anything is possible with Mort Meisner by your side.

Lisa Hutson
Anchor/Reporter, CBS Affiliate WINK

Little Rock

I signed with Mort in February of 2021 and the effects of COVID were still in full swing, especially in the Sports TV side of things with stations eliminating sports positions. However, Mort believed in me and took me on as a client who was coming from a #160 market. I’ve heard the stories of agents not having their clients’ best interest, however, that is not Mort. He didn’t want me to settle and neither did I. Mort helped me to get a job in Little Rock, a 59th ranked market, allowing me to jump 100 markets! I can’t wait to grow even more under his leadership!

Cierra Clark
Sports Anchor/Reporter, CBS Affiliate KTHV

Portland, MEFrank-Photo

I have been a client of Mort Meisner’s for about 4 years. In those 4 years, I have seen my career truly take off and I credit a lot of that to having Mort in my corner and a part of my team. He has been an incredible resource for reel critiques, a listening and caring ear for when work problems would arise and also an honest opinion on ‘what’s best’ for my career. He is always a quick phone call or email away and responds very promptly. As a client, I can tell he really cares for his clients well-being, career and if the job they are in or searching for….is the right fit. Even after the job search, Mort is still very hands-on. We check-in on a frequent basis and he is always asking, “I’d love to see some of your work soon.” It is great to hear his opinion and constructive criticism of my work that helps to make my performance and delivery on-air stronger. I consider Mort not only a great agent and manager – but a great friend. I feel confident to be on his team and know that he is leading my career in the right direction. As I always say to him – thank you, Mort, times a million for everything!

Cristina Frank
Weekday Morning Anchor, ABC Affiliate WMTW

Tucson, AZMatt-Brode

I am more compelled to write a testimonial of Mort Meisner as a friend as opposed to an agent. Mort has always treated me more like a friend than a client. He takes my calls 24/7 and truly never stops working on my behalf. What separates Mort from many other agents is his steeped background in the news business. Mort understands news better than any lawyer and because of his many years in the business he knows everyone.

Matt Brode
Chief Meteorologist, KVOA

Oklahoma CityTorp_Karl

This business is tough enough without someone like Mort in your corner. Not only does he get your work seen by the right people, but his feedback and guidance has improved my reporting and anchoring immensely.

Karl Torp
Anchor/Reporter, News 9 KWTV


If you want someone who will tell you what you want to hear Mort is not your guy. Mort will be honest and work with you on any weakness you may have and make you a better reporter or anchor. Mort is always available by phone, email or text day or night. If you want to further your career Mort Meisner is your only choice.

Dave Bondy
Anchor, NBC Affiliate WEYI


Steve Koles wore the shoes of a news director for many years so after doing extensive legwork to learn everything he can about his clients, he fully understands what positions they should pursue, when contact with news managers should be made, and how each approach should be presented. He is meticulous, knowledgeable, hard-working, well-connected, always available, thorough, a good listener, kind, and an all-around good guy. I was determined to find my next job on my own, but I am so happy I decided to team up with Steve because I could have never dedicated the time or had the patience to work through the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect opportunity. I consider Steve more of a friend than an agent because we worked as a team throughout the entire job search.

Stella Daskalakis Thurkill
Evening Anchor, WEYI/WSMH NBC/FOX Affiliates


Mort is not just an agent who gets you a job. He truly makes every effort to help you grow on a daily basis. He has pushed me more than anyone else ever has in my nearly 10 year career. I am so thankful for his honesty and persistence. I am now a main anchor in market 71 and I truly do not think I would be where I am without Mort. There are things I never even knew I needed to work on but Mort has guided me along a path I couldn’t even see for myself. The growth I have had just in the two years since I met Mort is so dramatic. I can’t wait to see how I continue to develop as a broadcaster and a journalist in the years to come.

Stephanie Parkinson
Primary Anchor, WEYI/WSMH NBC/FOX Affiliates


I’ve been with Mort for almost 25 years and he has guided me to seven different stations. Mort is a relentless advocate. He stays on News Directors once he senses an interest and keeps on plugging. Mort always gets answers and cuts through any red tape by being direct, forthright and honest. When you have Mort Meisner in your corner you have an agent, a fighter and a friend all rolled into one.

Craig Nigrelli  
Anchor/Reporter, NBC Affiliate WOWT

South Bend

For me, Mort is more than an agent, he’s also a friend. He’s gotten to know me and my family, which gives him a direct line into what my values are as well as my personal and professional goals. Not every person can have a relationship that I have with Mort, so I consider myself lucky for sure. I’m thankful for his belief in me and constant reassurances when making tough decisions on my behalf. My partnership with Mort has morphed into a friendship. One that’s full of support, understanding and gratitude.

Josh Short
Anchor/Reporter, NBC Affiliate WNDU

Bryan, TX

Listen, when I think about Steve Koles, all I can think of is amazing, and that’s no exaggeration. Steve and I connected about working together and since then he has been my go-to for anything regarding the industry. I signed with Steve in July and had a job within just weeks and it wasn’t just any job it was a job I dreamed of. Not only did I get the job. Steve made sure my talent and skills would be highlighted in the best light. One thing among a lot of other things I can say is that Steve listens, cares, and will work for you! You don’t get many people that would go on a limb, but he would and has. Thank you so much Steve for seeing my light and pushing me to shine. We have an amazing journey ahead of us!

Jatrissa Wooten
Lifestyle Host, CBS affiliate KBTX


I first came to know Mort through one of his other clients, which in and of itself was a vote of confidence because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t recommend someone to a friend if they weren’t really good. From my first conversation with Mort, I knew he was the right agent for me. He took the time to get to know me as a person, both my personal and professional history, and what path would be best considering my personal circumstances and goals. He made me feel seen, supported, and important. That’s huge.

He communicated with me regularly about my work and improvements I could make, as well as letting me know there was interest in me from decision-makers at news stations. He provided valuable guidance before my interviews that was fully rooted in his understanding of me as a person and journalist, which is why it was effective! and Just a few months following my signing with him, I had a job offer. I am now a full-time anchor and loving my job. I know Mort is committed to helping me refine my skills and reach my professional goals through coaching and feedback, and I look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

Beth Jones
Anchor/Reporter, ABC Affiliate WVII


Mort has been there for me from the very beginning. He goes above and beyond to find a list of stations to interview with. He assured me that even in a rough time like 2020, we could find something fitting for me. A couple months later, I landed my first job in my broadcasting career. I am excited to have someone who sees the best, wants to be active in the process and is able to fine tune the parts of us that need refining in our careers. He is the best!

Stephanie Wittenbach 
Reporter/MMJ, ABC Affiliate WVII

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