When Is It Time to Hire a TV News Agent?

If you’re a TV news anchor, reporter, or meteorologist, you may be pondering whether it’s time to hire a TV news agent.

This is a big decision and shouldn’t be made lightly.

There are many factors that you need to consider when setting out to boost your career with an experienced TV news agent. Ask yourself the following questions:

How Long Have I Been in TV News?

If you’re brand new to the industry and right out of school, chances are you don’t need an agent. This isn’t a given though.

An agent will happily take on brand new talent if they show real promise and are willing to do the work. In some cases, these newbies have heralded from a school with a broadcast journalism school that produced daily live and professional-looking newscasts so they have a solid reel. But even in cases where there isn’t a reel, agents can use their connections to help promising new talent build one.

Furthermore, when a TV news agent recognizes genuine talent, they are willing to coach such individuals to help them find the best first job for the most money, while also helping them help themselves so they can attain a great second job.

Meanwhile, candidates who have already gotten their feet wet working their first TV news job should definitely consider an agent. S/he can offer you so many advantages that you just won’t find out there on your own – regardless of how well you navigate the internet.

What Is My Life Plan?

Wow. That’s a heavy question! But what we’re referring to here is whether you want to work for a large network vs. the local level.

Many young up-and-coming TV news reporters or anchors are shooting for the big time. They envision themselves on the larger networks and want the lifestyle that goes with that.

Then there are those who know they want to stick closer to home. They may be starting a family and have a significant other who is rooted in his/her job, family, and friends in their current location. Plus, there is power in local news.

Obviously, for those who are aiming for major market 0&0s, affiliates, or network destinations and are willing to go wherever they need to go to get that, an agent is indispensable. They are well-connected and will be eager to send your tape all over the country to give you the best shot at a new job.

Yet, there is a myth that agents won’t want to work with those seeking local work. And that’s just not true. If you’re already at a local station that’s also in a major market, you’ll want an agent to negotiate your next deal at that station. S/he can also get you a meeting at another station across town if needed.

This leads us to the most important question:

So Where Can I Find a Great TV News Agent?

Sure, it might seem easy enough to resort to job searches on the internet to find work. And you can do that.

But consider this. An experienced TV news agent who has connections with station news directors and general managers is going to have backdoor access to information that no website will ever have. Plus, by the time curious applicants see job postings on the internet, they’re typically already taken. A TV news agent can share your info and reel long before that happens.

So once you feel you have some chops in the industry and are ready to explore hiring an agent, you can ask other TV news reporters or anchors for recommendations. In addition, attend conferences and take advantage of networking. Meeting your prospective agent face-to-face will give you a good feel for whether he or she is right for you.

Feeling Ready to Hire a TV News Agent?

Whether you’re a TV news meteorologist, reporter, or anchor, deciding to hire a TV news agent could be the biggest game changer in your career.

So if the above questions have left you feeling ready to take this next important step, contact us today.

With over 30 years of experience in broadcast news, TV news agents Mort Meisner and Steve Koles know the people and players that fuel this industry. We make the connections that will get you in the game.