Enough to Be Dangerous – Racism Allegations Rock High Levels of the Television News Industry

This week, an article in the Huffington Post claimed that a senior ABC News executive made insensitive and sometimes racially tinged comments about several journalists of color at the Walt Disney-owned unit.

Mort Meisner was beyond saddened by this allegation. He knows the executive in question and it seems out of character for her. Even so, as much as these allegations surprise him, he’s witnessed so much racism in the television news industry, it wouldn’t shock him at all if they are completely true.

And that’s particularly discouraging – given the many times he went to battle to right the wrongs of racism in the industry.

Enough to Be Dangerous Exposes Blatant Racism

When Mort decided to write his memoir, Enough to Be Dangerous, he was at no loss for stories and vignettes that highlighted how rampant racism was in the industry. And because it was a different time, how accepted it was. He never accepted it though.

“Wrong is wrong,” he says.

Growing up in Detroit, he embraced diversity from a very young age. Even his abusive father was a strong proponent for Civil Rights and regardless of the other horror he put Mort through, he did teach him those values. Then when Mort began working as a music promoter right out of high school and through college, he was immersed in an industry that embraced racial differences in a way many other industries had not at that time.

All of that changed when he moved into the world of television news – a domain ruled largely by white men. The blatant racism was jarring and sickening. And he wasn’t going to take it.

Blazing a New Trail

In our previous blog post, we discussed the “garbage men” in the industry. “Garbage men” was the term that high-level (typically white male) executives used when referring to black male reporters. These reporters, who were few and far between, were typically given the easy “throw-away” stories, because the executives deemed these were all they could handle.

Disgusted by this behavior and widely accepted protocol, Mort decided he needed to change the industry from within. As relayed in many places throughout his memoir, he championed for the rights of black journalists and newscasters in every newsroom where he worked for the next several decades.

When he recognized talent in a black reporter, he would go the distance to foster and encourage that talent. It didn’t matter that he was in an industry where it was okay to refer to an African American weatherman as a “black Q-Tip.” Or to make casual statements about the likelihood of skilled black athletes becoming heroin or crack addicts when it was something that would NEVER be said of white athletes.

Mort knew that wrong was wrong—no matter how you cut it. And in the end, his efforts paid off to some extent. Today, more than a handful of black male anchors thank Mort for seeing something in them and not being afraid to go to bat for them to help them rise in the industry.

Today, working as a news talent agent, he continues to promote and place African American talent on a regular basis.

How Much Has Changed?

Of course, Mort is still incredibly disheartened by the recent allegations.

As Whoopi Goldberg says about the situation – “Everything I know about her doesn’t say she has this in her. But I will say that one of the things that everyone should always make sure we say, and I say it all the time — lets find out. If it’s true, she’s gone. If it’s not, let’s find out what’s going on.”

Even just twenty years ago, nobody would have dared to make those sorts of allegations in the news industry – in spite of the fact that racial slurs were commonplace. And even if they had, you can be sure no action would have been taken.

So while progress has been slow, things have moved in a better direction at least. And Mort’s efforts have not been in vain.

Find out More in Just Dangerous Enough

Sink into the story behind Mort’s powerful climb to the top of the TV news industry and get inspired by his advocating for justice, equality, and integrity every step of the way.

Enough to Be Dangerous will officially be released in hardcover, paperback, and ebook on October 1, 2020 from Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on how you can pre-order your autographed copy, as well as all the info about a book launch party and other exciting events. We look forward to seeing you!

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Enough to Be Dangerous – Fighting Racial Injustice in the News Industry

Mort Meisner has spent a lifetime deeply troubled by racial injustice.

Recent events have left him heart-broken and devastated – yet moved and encouraged by the massive surge of protesters FINALLY standing up for black lives.

Mort is no stranger to this. He spent decades fighting racial injustice in the news industry. And while he made some headway, the Goliath that was blatant racism in some newsrooms, boardrooms, and out on the streets was impossible to slay.

He now shares those unsettling stories in his memoir, Enough to Be Dangerous, scheduled for release on October 1st of this year.

The Rise of Black Women

If you’ve been living on this blue and green rock for any formidable amount of time (at least 40 years), you can clearly remember a time when the news anchor desks were populated predominantly by white men.

You may also recall the first time you started seeing more women in those positions.

Then there was the strange phenomenon that existed for decades where the desks showcased an older white man with a young black female co-anchor. As Mort recalls in his memoir:

I worked in five different newsrooms. And whether I was in Detroit, Chicago or St. Louis, it was virtually always the same. Black women were making inroads at the anchor desk – usually to sit next to an established white male. Beverly Payne and Doris Biscoe in Detroit were good examples. Similar talent placements were occurring in cities and newsrooms throughout the country. But black male anchors continued to be strangely absent. In fact, black males in TV news were virtually lacking altogether.

What exactly was going on?

The Garbage Men

Away from the anchor desk and in private meetings held by predominately white male management who were seemingly less threatened by female black reporters, it wasn’t uncommon to hear the words “garbage men” being tossed around casually. Even jokingly. And these “garbage men” were in virtually every large city TV newsroom.

You can bet they weren’t talking about sanitation workers though. From Enough to Be Dangerous:

Who were they? The young to middle-aged black males who were talented reporters, but were there merely to fill a quota during changing times in the industry and the country. The whole scene disgusted me. I thought to myself, if someone is good enough to be here, then they should be able to be assigned to cover any story. Thats not how it worked though.

They would ponder which stories they felt black reporters could handle.” It was insulting and degrading. As a white male young pup in the industry at that time, I could listen, watch, and then try to impact change when I had the opportunity.

And impact change, he did.

Mort the Mentor

Having grown up in Detroit and working in the music industry before settling into and breathing life back into dying stations, he couldn’t tolerate the racial inequity.

He was always willing to give any black male reporter who showed talent and promise the chance he deserved. Then he went above and beyond the call of duty to mentor these talented and hopeful reporters.

Not surprisingly, under Mort’s tutelage, many of them went on to hold anchor positions at highly esteemed stations throughout the nation.

The Need for a More Just World

Though he’s proud of his accomplishments, Mort saw fighting racial injustice in the news industry as an absolute necessity.

And he relays those stories in Enough to Be Dangerous with passion, hope, and some sadness, noting how far we’ve come since that time… as well as how far we haven’t.

Enough to Be Dangerous will be released in hardcover, paperback, and ebook in October of 2020 from Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on how you can pre-order your autographed copy. We promise you’ll be inspired by Mort’s tireless advocating for justice and equality.

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Enough to Be Dangerous – Chronicles Darker Beginnings

Mort MeisnerFor some, the echoes of a difficult and abusive childhood are so haunting that success as an adult is elusive.

This has not been the case for one of the nation’s top TV news talent agents, Mort Meisner. Not by a long shot.

In his memoir, Enough to Be Dangerous, Mort explores the impact those dark beginnings had on his career, his relationships, his role as a parent, and ultimately, his success.

In Just Enough to Be Dangerous, Mort Rose to Achieve

Because so many factors are involved, it’s tough to say what makes one victim of child abuse thrive while another falters. Especially when they’re reared by the same parents. Mort had a brother, Tony, who was almost ten years his senior.

Tony’s role in the family was distinctly different from Mort’s, as Mort recalls in Enough to Be Dangerous:

It wasnt uncommon for me or my mom to be tossed down the stairs by my dad as if we were rag dolls. I remember clearly Tony punching my father in the face as he tried to pull him off of my mother. My father head-locked my brother and rammed his head into our obsolete Kelvinator refrigerator. The best my mother could do was to retaliate with a slap or a scratch. It was always to no avail. The beatings became worse – and each time the apologies flowed again and again.

Mort had a protector in Tony. He protected his younger brother from the very people who were supposed to nurture them both. His parents. And you can be sure that does a hatchet job on one’s psyche.

An Unsympathetic Mother

Of course, Tony couldn’t be there to protect Mort all the time. And although he’d shielded their mother from their father’s physical abuse as well, she was no stranger to doling out her own form of pain.

In Enough to Be Dangerous, Mort remembers one morning when he overslept and his angry mother awakened him and forced him to put his coat on over his pajamas and head to school:

Not comfortable with the idea of wearing my pajamas to school, I hesitated. She yanked me close to her and zipped the hood, catching my hair in it. I screamed and cried. “Mama, stop!” I pleaded. “It hurts!” Before I knew what was happening, she delivered a vicious smack to my face. Her eyes went dark and glassy. “I hate you,” she said with a low growl. “You are not my little boy. I wish I never had you.”

He was only in second grade.

Suffice it to say, Tony and Mort were living a life that was a far cry from the perfect, happy families that were portrayed on television at that time on shows like Leave it to Beaver. Wally and The Beav they were not.

Each Faced Their Own Struggles

In spite of the abuse, both Mort and Tony would rise to success. They would also both raise children with a determined intention to never treat them as they were treated. In this, they succeeded.

But each would also succumb to drug use to mask their unrelenting, soul-crushing guilt, shame, and pain. Mort would overcome his addiction and continue to strive. Tony, on the other hand, would not. And in the end, Mort would lose the first person who ever protected him.

Get the Whole Story in Enough to Be Dangerous

Want more?

Enough to Be Dangerous will officially be released in hardcover, paperback, and ebook on October 1, 2020 from Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on how you can pre-order your autographed copy, as well as get all the 411 about the book launch party and other exciting events. Coming soon!

This book will show you one man’s powerful climb to the top of the TV news industry as a renowned talent agent—advocating for justice, equality, and integrity every step of the way. Mort’s story will shock you and inspire you with a resilience of the human spirit that can transform pain into purpose to heal oneself, then help others.

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Mort Meisner Memoir – Enough To Be Dangerous -Blog 1 – Coming October 1

Mort MeisnerMort Meisner Shares How He’s Enough to Be Dangerous in His Powerful New Memoir Coming October 1, 2020

What’s Enough to Be Dangerous, you ask?

The short answer: Enough to Be Dangerous is Mort Meisner’s memoir.

And while we won’t be so cliché as to say, “But it’s so much more than just a memoir,” we can say that some pretty juicy stuff awaits anyone who dares crack open this book.

Rock and roll? In there. Drug abuse? In there. Celebrities? In there. International intrigue? In there. (Well, sorta.) The Pope is even in there.

Whatever floats your boat, you’re bound to find some element of it in Mort’s life story.

This Michigan native spent his life telling stories on television screens across America. Now it’s his turn, as he shifts the spotlight onto this collection of poignant and powerful stories that will leave you laughing, crying, and contemplating some provocative questions about life.

A Life That Has Been Anything But Average

Mort Meisner knows talent when he sees it. Right out of high school, he began working in the rock music industry, honing his skills as a promoter. Today, some of the biggest names pay tribute to Mort as seminal in their success. In fact, superstars such as Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, KISS, and Elton John, owe some of their early bookings to Mort’s natural networking and development skills.

While immersing in the earsplitting, eye-popping excitement of the rock and roll scene by night, Mort studied journalism and communications by day at the University of Detroit.

All those unpredictable, wild nights with rock bands, combined with a solid journalism education, laid a foundation in the late 1970s for Mort to launch into a trailblazing career in the highly competitive broadcast news industry.

The Wild World of Broadcasting

His broadcast days began at WXYZ in Detroit, where he worked with the late and larger-than-life Bill Bonds. Mort eventually worked in Chicago and St. Louis before returning to Detroit in the late 1980s to revive the nearly defunct WJBK. Mort’s Midas Touch transformed the CBS-turned-Fox affiliate into a huge success.

Fast forward to today, as Mort utilizes his high energy and vision as a news talent agent—helping some of the nation’s most gifted on-air talent develop and advance their careers.

In the book, Mort shines the spotlight on stories that you have to read to believe. He also courageously shares how he was no stranger to the drama, chaos, and violence of the news industry, because he witnessed and endured that as a child in his home, and in a turbulent world rife with racism in 1960s Detroit.

Childhood Wrought with Abuse and Instability

It’s easy to believe that successful people have simply coasted through life. And some have. But that’s not the case with Mort.

“I’ve been telling my wild broadcast and music stories for years,” he says. “But I’ve also made light of some of the horror that I normalized from my childhood. Abuse, poverty, and evictions were a regular part of growing up in Detroit for me. As horrible as the abuse was, it prepared me for facing the many challenges that would come from working in these industries.”

“Would I have preferred to have a more peaceful childhood?” he continues. “Sure. But writing this book has helped me put those dark days behind me. I’ve spent decades thinking about writing this book and about how I managed to maintain my principles in two of the most morally corrupt industries out there. So I finally put pen to paper and did it.”

The Result Is Enough to Be Dangerous

Simply put, Enough to Be Dangerous: A Memoir documents a life lived out loud, in color, with lots of action.

Mort Meisner’s life.

From dealing with stormy anchor Bill Bonds’s antics… to covering the Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan ice skating assault story… to forming a bond with Bruce Springsteen… to taking the fight for his adopted daughter all the way to the Supreme Court… you’ll find no dull moments in this life.

So get ready to read!

Stay tuned for updates on how you can pre-order your autographed copy of Enough to Be Dangerous: A Memoir by Mort Meisner.

And watch for announcements about a book launch party and other fun events you can attend when the book is officially released in hardcover, paperback, and ebook on October 1, 2020 from Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

You can also learn about training events that Mort is planning to help broadcast journalists who want to excel in the ever-changing world of television news.

From now until then, we’ll be sharing snippets of stories… quotes… flashback photos… and fascinating facts springing from the pages of the book.

So whether you’re a journalist or a rock ‘n roll fan or simply someone who’s looking for a great book to read, you’re going to love Enough to Be Dangerous: A Memoir by Mort Meisner.

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Linda Terrelonge


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Agent Name: Mort Meisner
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Confessions of an Investigative Reporter – Matthew Schwartz

We are happy to share the announcement that a client and dear friend of ours, Matthew Schwartz, has written his memoir about his award-winning career.  “Confessions of an Investigative Reporter” has received phenomenal early reviews and is a must-read for anyone in the news business. It will be released in May and is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

View a recent news story about Matthew’s memoirs on the Arizona Daily Independent website.

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What to Expect from Your News Talent Agent

Hollywood has long found comedic value in portraying talent agents in various ways.

Sometimes they’re represented as smarmy opportunists with their sights so laser-focused on acquiring talent, they’re willing to do anything to get it. Anything.

On other occasions, they’re the frazzled cigarette-smoking stress cases buried under so much paperwork in a disorganized office that the audience is left to question why talent would ever choose this person in the first place.

In almost every Hollywood portrayal, the agent is either at one’s beck and call, or completely MIA.

So if you’re basing your search on those credentials, it’s can be next to impossible to know what to expect from your news talent agent.

We’re here to clarify.

What to Expect from Your News Talent Agent

Regular talent agents are a dime a dozen.

But GOOD talent agents – the ones with experience, connections, and a strong presence in the industry that will deliver results – they’re a much rarer breed.

And it’s tough to put a price on that. But we’re going to come right out the gate doing that anyhow.

1. Charge Appropriate Commission

One of the first things you want to look at is the commission a news talent agent is charging. For many of them, the standard is 10%. We feel that’s on the high end.

Less experienced agents trying to get into the business may ask for as little as 5%. This is a red flag that they may not have the experience that will help you progress.

The rule of thumb is to aim for somewhere in the middle. Just as when you don’t go with the lowest or highest bid from the guy who’s going to put a roof on your home.

So be sure to do a lot of interviewing for agents. Ideally, try to find an agent who is willing to work for a 7% commission.

2. Evaluate and Promote Your Talent

A GOOD agent is one who knows what’s hot in the industry and is willing to thoroughly evaluate your video and offer an honest and constructive written and verbal critique.

After all, your talent and skill is their bread and butter. So expect them to work for it.

Plus, your agent should be willing to fight to ensure that you’re being treated fairly.

For example, if you secure a position in a smaller market and they put you on a late night shift when there simply isn’t any news, your agent should be willing to rally for you to place you in a more appropriate market or at a station that will take advantage of your skills and talent.

He or she should always be willing to speak on your behalf if you’re being treated punitively.

3. Availability

Part of why Hollywood has so much fun portraying agents is the complicated nature of the talent-agent relationship.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

An agent who is available at every moment of the day to take calls is NOT the sign of a fantastic agent. You want an agent who will empower you, not enable you.

It’s not unreasonable to expect your agent to get back to you the same day that you call, however. And they should be willing to regularly communicate with you several times per month – even in times when you don’t necessary need them.

But it’s simply impossible for an agent to be available 24/7 to every one of his or her clients. It doesn’t make for an effective talent agent.

They can’t take the necessary time to find new jobs and leads for you and their other clients if they’re constantly attending to your every crisis. Which brings us to the final point.

What NOT to Expect from Your Agent

Your agent is not your parent. Or a union leader.

And just as with every job, there are going to be gripes you have about any position in any market. No matter how big.

So if you’re not pleased with how little vacation time you’re getting, or the company’s insurance plan isn’t up to your exacting, then you’ll need to take it up with your employer.

This is not the responsibility of your talent agent.

So Now You Know the Nitty Gritty

Now that you understand what to expect from a news talent agent, let the search begin.

Be sure to take the time to find the person who’s just right for you.

And if you haven’t yet found an agent who meets all of the above criteria, contact us today! You just might be at the end of your search.

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Creating a Great Demo Is Crucial

What does it take to be successful in the television news business?

Strong writing, performance, and on-camera skills, along with being attractive? Yep. Those ABSOLUTELY have to be there.

But to be honest, they won’t mean a thing if you haven’t put any energy into creating a great demo.

Seriously. You could be the next Bryant Gumbel or Diane Sawyer. But without a solid demo, no one is going to care.

That’s just the cold hard truth.

Your Options for Creating a Great Demo

Sure, you could make one yourself. But do you really know what news directors are looking for in a demo?

Perhaps. Especially if you’ve been creating your own successful demos for a while.

But if you’re relatively new to the business, or you just haven’t had much luck with your current demo, you might want to consider using a demo service.

Just as you want a talent agent with experience in the news business, it could help if you’re able to find someone who has previous experience in the news business.

Someone who’s been in this position has thoroughly reviewed hundreds or even thousands of demos for hiring reporters, anchors, meteorologists, and sports personnel.

It’s not a necessary requirement though. You DO want someone who has a good feel for how a demo or talent tape needs to flow though.

So take the time to find the right video company.

Demos Are Crucial At Every Level

If you’re brand new to the business, a demo service is the best way to go to present yourself in the most professional light.

But even if you’re a seasoned veteran in the field, it doesn’t hurt to get an objective eye on how your current demo portrays you. It may be time for a change or an update.

Unless you’re already a master at creating demos, a skilled video company can make all the difference.

“I’m amazed at how the same people who write, shoot or edit great news stories struggle to put together their Talent Tapes,” says Rich Everitt of TALENTapes in Georgia.

“Nobody – even a well-meaning friend, reporter, anchor or editor – can look at your work the way a news director will,” Everitt says. And he knows of what he speaks. He spent years working as a news director and is now President of TALENTapes.

Everitt is quick to add that an anchor person’s demo needs to be able to showcase both anchoring and reporting skills. News management is no longer interested in viewing demos of people sitting at the desk and reading. No matter how good they are.

They must also demonstrate enterprising reporting and story-telling along with strong skills in live breaking news.

How Does Your Demo Represent You?

Whether you’re looking for your first job or your fifteenth job, it’s crucial you find a stellar video company with the know-how and experience to put together your demo.

While the cost can range from $1000-$2000, it’s clear that creating a great demo is worth the investment ten times over.

Especially when it’s able to represent how truly talented you are.

Which is exactly what you want in a talent agent as well. So if you think you have a great demo, contact us today.

We’ll give you an objective opinion.

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What Makes for the Best News Talent Placement Agency?

If you’re looking to find the best news talent placement agency, there are many from which to choose.

But there are precious few who will truly put you first.

If you’re an experienced news personality, you need more than just an agent. You need a trusted partner – someone you know is honest and to-the-point, while demonstrating mutual respect for you.

That’s why it’s important you spend a fair amount of time finding the right placement agency.

Having someone like this in your corner is the key to getting placed where you wish to be geographically and in the appropriate size market.

So what should you look for?

How To Tell You Are Working with the Best News Talent Placement Agency

We can’t reiterate enough that not all talent placement agencies are created equal.

You want to work with an agent who has spent many years – even decades – working in the industry. It’s even more beneficial if he or she has actual experience running a newsroom.

Whatever the case, a highly professional talent agent will do the following:

  1. Connect You with the Right People

This is the first point on our list because we can’t over stress the importance of finding an agent who has connections. And they need to be the RIGHT connections.

As we mentioned above, acquiring an agent with experience running a newsroom is a huge plus. Having that experience means that he or she has built connections with a vast network of professionals in multiple markets and in all levels of the industry.

These connections make a huge different. An agent with such connections who maintains contact with these professionals knows exactly where there is movement in the market… even before the word gets out.

And because there’s this relationship, prospective employers will trust your agent. That way, you can be assured that your DVD will actually be viewed.

  1. Require an Interview

If you encounter an agent who is willing to sign you on without ever bothering to meet you, that’s a red flag.

A solid agent needs to talk with you to determine your strengths, as well as get a real feel for you.

The other purpose of the interview is to gain a complete understanding of what you’re looking for in your career. This will help him or her to place you in the most ideal location and market.

An agent who requests a DVD, resumé, and photo (for on-air talent) is one who is willing to do a thorough job.

  1. Offer a Contract with Clear Terms

Once an agent has determined that you and he/she are a good match, they will offer a contract. But it’s important that you pay close attention to the contract.

An honest and respectable agent will be very clear on what they offer and why they expect in return. They will ask that you commit to the agency and its placement process.

The contract should be well-written, easy to understand, and clearly lay out the benefits for both you and the agency. This demonstrates the agency has a foundation built on mutual trust and commitment.

  1. Commit to Your Development

A truly amazing agent knows that when he or she sends your DVD to a prospective employer, it’s essentially the first impression you’re going to make. So it has to be highly polished and professional.

Therefore, upon viewing your DVD, the agent should be willing to analyze your performance and offer practical suggestions that will further your development.

From there, they should be more than willing to work with you to further work on your DVD so that it is strong enough to handle the tough competition.

Look for an agent who has connections with talent coaches, as this offers a huge advantage when it comes to development.

  1. Be In It for the Long Run

When you’re looking for an agent, be sure to clarify what will happen once you find employment.

Even once you’ve “settled” into a job, it’s crucial to remember that your career is dynamic and ever changing. So the best news talent agents will request you send a DVD every month so that you can continue to work together on your career development process.

It may seem like a lot of work. But it’s this diligence that will help you advance in your career and take you where you want to go.

Make the Right Choice

When seeking the best news talent placement agency, it’s in your best interest to demand all of the above requirements from your agent.

You can also cut right to the chase and contact us today to talk to an agent who fulfills all of the above requirements.

And get your broadcasting career on the fast track to success.

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The Importance of Relationships in News Talent Placement

How well connected is your news talent agent?

In other words, how many people in the broadcast industry know your agent not just by name, but by his or her stellar reputation?

If you’re unsure, then it’s time to consider a new agent.

Because if your current agent doesn’t know the people and the players that fuel the broadcast industry, then he or she clearly doesn’t understand the importance of relationships in news talent placement.

And without those connections, your career could be placed permanently on hold.

The Importance of Relationships in News Talent Placement

Placing talent is something of an art. The key to successful placement of talent comes down to putting the right person in the right place at the right time.

A seasoned agent understands this.

But a seasoned agent with experience in the industry has a distinct advantage.

That’s because the art of placing talent is complemented and strengthened by the art of creating meaningful relationships.

And an agent who has worked for several decades in broadcast news has developed these relationships that allow him or her to make connections that others simply cannot.

So it’s not only about knowing the right people in the right markets, but it’s also about being KNOWN by the right people in the right markets.

This is what makes the difference when it comes to placement.

News Broadcast Is a Fast-Paced Industry

An agent with past experience in the newsroom is far more likely to represent a diverse group of news personnel – including on-air talent, producers, and managers.

This is the result of knowing good talent when they see it, as well as understanding how to make the most of it.

But even more importantly, they know the people at the top because they spent years creating relationships and friendships with them before they reached those positions.

Can your agent say that he or she has dozens of people who are now news directors, vice presidents of news, executive producers and managing editors who once worked for them while they ran news stations?

And that because of this, he or she is able to reach out to these highly successful people and – based on the relationship/friendship – they will actually take the call?

It’s an exceedingly rare agent that has these credentials.

Even so, if you’re working with an agent who can’t make these claims, you’re far less likely to keep advancing in your career.

The truth is, any agent can send your demo link to a news executive.

But when your agent knows two of the four news directors in a major city because he or she has special relationships with them, for example, you can be assured that your demos will actually be seen.

To put it another way, a relationship will not guarantee you a job. But it will guarantee that the right people will see your work.

Furthermore, your connection with that highly respected agent will also put your further ahead in the running.

Is It Time to Seek New Representation?

Now that you understand the importance of relationships in news talent placement, you’ll want to be sure that your agent has the right connections.

If your career has been at a plateau for some time, then you may want to consider a new agent – one with decades of news station experience who has a multitude of connections and knows every in and out of the business.

Contact us today to get in touch with just such an agent.

And get the placement you deserve.

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