Why You Need a TV News Agent With Connections

Are you a TV news anchor, reporter, or meteorologist seeking great representation? When you start vetting agents, it can be confusing and even overwhelming.

There is a wealth of people calling themselves agents and will happily flash their “qualifications” to get you on board. Many of them are not legitimate, however. So if you’re looking for TV news jobs in the industry, where do you begin?

One of the single most important qualifications you want is a TV news agent with connections.

It’s All About Experience

When you’re looking for an agent, you want someone who knows not only where the jobs are, but where they’re going to be and whether they’re appropriate for you. Any TV news personality is going to have the upper hand with an agent who knows people in the industry.

Unfortunately, the bulk of TV news agents are either attorneys with little to no television experience, or individuals that have an interest in the news (and perhaps even a little experience) but have never been in the trenches. They haven’t worked with the important people who can help you get the upper hand.

While searching for a TV news agent, you want someone who has worked in the industry – ideally someone who has served in management, such as a news director or managing editor. Someone who was in the industry in this way likely knows vice presidents of news, news directors, executive producers, and general managers in a way that others will not.

The Internet Doesn’t Cut It

You might be thinking you can just skip getting an agent. Why bother? Why not just go to the internet and search for job postings? They’re definitely out there.

The fact is, anyone could check a website once a job is posted. Often though, the job is already taken. This is because a well-connected TV news agent knows about job openings weeks or even months before they’re posted. And news management trusts these agents because they’ve come from the same side of the desk.

Thus, their clients get dibs.

When you rely solely on the internet to get TV news jobs, you’re going at it alone. Whether you’re a TV news sports reporter, anchor, or meteorologist, working with an experienced TV news agent with connections means you have a knowledgeable ally. It’s an actual human who has your best interest at heart and will tell you not what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear to get to the next level.

It’s impossible to put a price on that.

Ready to Consult with a TV News Agent with Connections?

Whether you’re in the early or middle stages of your career, in a middle market looking for another middle market location, or in a middle market and looking to get to a major market or network, you need a TV news agent with connections.

Mort Meisner is that agent. Having worked his way up to the highest levels of TV news management from an entry-level position, he is BEYOND well-connected in the industry.

So if you’re ready to make this crucial step in your career, contact him today. Having him in your lane will be a true game-changer for your career.