What Makes for the Best News Talent Placement Agency?

If you’re looking to find the best news talent placement agency, there are many from which to choose.

But there are precious few who will truly put you first.

If you’re an experienced news personality, you need more than just an agent. You need a trusted partner – someone you know is honest and to-the-point, while demonstrating mutual respect for you.

That’s why it’s important you spend a fair amount of time finding the right placement agency.

Having someone like this in your corner is the key to getting placed where you wish to be geographically and in the appropriate size market.

So what should you look for?

How To Tell You Are Working with the Best News Talent Placement Agency

We can’t reiterate enough that not all talent placement agencies are created equal.

You want to work with an agent who has spent many years – even decades – working in the industry. It’s even more beneficial if he or she has actual experience running a newsroom.

Whatever the case, a highly professional talent agent will do the following:

  1. Connect You with the Right People

This is the first point on our list because we can’t over stress the importance of finding an agent who has connections. And they need to be the RIGHT connections.

As we mentioned above, acquiring an agent with experience running a newsroom is a huge plus. Having that experience means that he or she has built connections with a vast network of professionals in multiple markets and in all levels of the industry.

These connections make a huge different. An agent with such connections who maintains contact with these professionals knows exactly where there is movement in the market… even before the word gets out.

And because there’s this relationship, prospective employers will trust your agent. That way, you can be assured that your DVD will actually be viewed.

  1. Require an Interview

If you encounter an agent who is willing to sign you on without ever bothering to meet you, that’s a red flag.

A solid agent needs to talk with you to determine your strengths, as well as get a real feel for you.

The other purpose of the interview is to gain a complete understanding of what you’re looking for in your career. This will help him or her to place you in the most ideal location and market.

An agent who requests a DVD, resumé, and photo (for on-air talent) is one who is willing to do a thorough job.

  1. Offer a Contract with Clear Terms

Once an agent has determined that you and he/she are a good match, they will offer a contract. But it’s important that you pay close attention to the contract.

An honest and respectable agent will be very clear on what they offer and why they expect in return. They will ask that you commit to the agency and its placement process.

The contract should be well-written, easy to understand, and clearly lay out the benefits for both you and the agency. This demonstrates the agency has a foundation built on mutual trust and commitment.

  1. Commit to Your Development

A truly amazing agent knows that when he or she sends your DVD to a prospective employer, it’s essentially the first impression you’re going to make. So it has to be highly polished and professional.

Therefore, upon viewing your DVD, the agent should be willing to analyze your performance and offer practical suggestions that will further your development.

From there, they should be more than willing to work with you to further work on your DVD so that it is strong enough to handle the tough competition.

Look for an agent who has connections with talent coaches, as this offers a huge advantage when it comes to development.

  1. Be In It for the Long Run

When you’re looking for an agent, be sure to clarify what will happen once you find employment.

Even once you’ve “settled” into a job, it’s crucial to remember that your career is dynamic and ever changing. So the best news talent agents will request you send a DVD every month so that you can continue to work together on your career development process.

It may seem like a lot of work. But it’s this diligence that will help you advance in your career and take you where you want to go.

Make the Right Choice

When seeking the best news talent placement agency, it’s in your best interest to demand all of the above requirements from your agent.

You can also cut right to the chase and contact us today to talk to an agent who fulfills all of the above requirements.

And get your broadcasting career on the fast track to success.

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