Finding the Most Experienced News Talent Agent

Are you an established news personality looking to forward your career?

Then you know it’s not easy.

You’ve done the work required to get this far, but you’re ready for a change.

You can go out there and start scouting for a new station in a new city or new market. You’ll get much further if you’re able to secure a successful news talent agent though.

But how do you go about doing that?

What Makes for a Successful News Talent Agent

There are plenty of folks out there calling themselves news talent agents. But do they have ALL of the qualifications necessary to be a truly successful agent?

Before you sign any contracts, you’ll want to thoroughly vet anyone you’re considering for this job.

Here are the things you should look for:

1.  Vast Knowledge of the Industry

Like anyone who wants to sell themselves, many agents talk the talk. But can they walk the walk?

Ideally, any agent you consider has years – if not decades – of experience working in the industry. Some of the most successful agents are people who ran news rooms for many years before becoming agents.

As a result, they know the industry inside and out and have access to relationships and privileged information that others simply don’t.

They also know where the jobs are and how to recognize talent and match it with the appropriate markets and positions.

So if at all possible, stick with an agent that has actual broadcasting experience.

2.  Familiarity with Unfamiliar Cities

You’ve been in the business awhile, so you know that advancing your career means you may have to criss-cross the country for a while as you continue building your career.

Perhaps you’re even hungry to explore different venues and markets.

Whatever the case, you want an agent who has more than just local contacts, but national and international contacts as well.

3.  Mentoring and Coaching

Despite the Hollywood image, a successful agent isn’t heartless, cutthroat and insensitive. They’re in the business of helping others.

Any agent worth his or her salt understands the tremendous effort that goes into a creative and editorial performance/presentation. As such, they are willing to give a valuable and honest critique of a client’s delivery, voice quality, communications skills and writing style.

Having access to and working with top talent coaches in the country is also a big plus.

4.  Awareness of Current Media Environment

An experienced talent agent is one who is not only seasoned, but also operates with current and up-to-date processes. He or she should also be up on how technology continues to change the face of broadcasting.

They will take to the time to discuss with you your desired trajectory and will be able to determine the appropriate career path for you in today’s ever-changing market.

After all, developing a game plan is just as important to a career as accumulated experience and skills.

5.  Personal Attention

An agent who’s highly experienced will likely have many clients. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve personal attention. A good agent will take the time to get to know you.

No matter what your level of experience.

So be sure to clarify with a potential agent the ways he or she stays in contact and the amount of time you can expect before a call or inquiry is returned. You want an agent who will be quick respond to your needs.

Remember – an agent with many clients is in that situation because he or she is adept and skilled. Especially if they’ve kept those clients for some time.

So it doesn’t hurt to find out what other talent is being represented and then reach out to them to ask about their satisfaction with that agent.

6.  Ability to Negotiate

Once you’re offered a new position, an agent’s job is far from done.

Your agent needs to be able to negotiate your contract and structure the deal. And you want someone who excels at this.

Again, finding an agent with experience on the other side of the news desk will give him or her an important edge in crafting contracts. And if he or she has legal counsel on retainer too, it shows that this is an agent that will protect your interests and get you the best financial package.

Do Not Settle for Less

It might sound like a lot to consider. But this is your career on the line.

Don’t just hand it to the first agent that comes along with an impressive smile and a business card to match.

Contact us today to get connected with a truly successful news talent agent; one of the absolute best in this highly competitive industry.

We promise you won’t regret it.

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