New YorkChecky-Beckford

I’ve been with Mort since almost the beginning of my career and his work speaks for itself. He’s helped me move from market 84 to New York in just five years. And when I was thinking about staying in a smaller market to gain more anchoring experience, he was willing to help with that too. Mort can help you get wherever you want to go. Most importantly, he’s always available. I hear horror stories from other talent about never hearing from their agent. Oftentimes, I have to admit, Mort is calling ME to get samples of my work or check on how things are going. Mort’s become more than an agent, he’s become a really great ally in furthering my career.

Checky Beckford
Reporter, WNBC

New York (In Memoriam 1951-2013)John-Noel

Subject: The only talent agency I would recommend.

My name is John Noel and since 1998 I’ve been a general assignment reporter at WNBC TV in New York City. I actually began my career in broadcasting as a radio announcer, during the Vietnam War, assigned to the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network unit at Nakhom Phanom Air Force Base in Thailand. After finishing my military service in 1976, I attended Brooklyn College and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism.
My next stop was the University of Missouri School of Journalism for a Master of Arts degree. I was then off to KSDK TV in St. Louis, Missouri, where I spent ten years as a general assignment reporter before moving on to WJBK in Detroit for five years. That was where I signed on with Mort Meisner and Associates.
Prior to that, my experiences with six other agents ranged from mediocre to nightmarish, requiring a lawyer to facilitate the termination of one contract.
When I decided I wanted to leave WJBK in Detroit it took Mort a matter of weeks and I had two job offers in New York City along with two in Detroit.
After many years working in Television News, Mort has two primary assets that are invaluable to a client. He is a good judge of talent, at least what News Directors are looking for in the way of talent and he has name recognition, so they will take his call.
As my lead says: Mort is the only agent I would recommend to anyone.

John Noel
Reporter, WNBC

Los AngelesChris_Martinez

With Mort Meisner’s guidance, there is no question your career will flourish!

Immediately after signing on with Mort, I was inundated with opportunities and interviewing with some of the nation’s top news organizations. In less than three years, I moved from Tampa, FL. (WFTS-TV) to Chicago, IL. (WBBM-TV) to my current position as a correspondent with CBS News & Newspath.

There is no question Mort is incredibly connected and respected among news executives and industry decision makers. He knows what it takes to grow, thrive and remain relevant in the broadcast world. Most importantly, though, Mort has a profound and genuine care for his clients and carefully considers the totality of your life as he helps you chart your next move. This is not a mere business relationship – Mort is family.

I am deeply proud to be associated with Mort professionally, and even more proud to call him a dear friend!

Chris Martinez
CBS News Correspondent, Los Angeles Bureau

Los AngelesAmy-Johnson

I chose Mort Meisner for representation because of his countless years in news management. Mort knows what News Directors are looking for and he knows how to talk to them. Mort is honest and fair and always available to his clients. When you join Mort Meisner Associates you really are part of a family.

Amy Johnson
Reporter, KCBS

San FranciscoHall-Kari

I highly recommend Mort Meisner to anyone who’s looking to further their career. I’ve gone much farther than I could have ever imagined and the possibilities seem endless for the future.

I really appreciate how Mort not only considers what’s best for me, but my family as well.  I’m so thankful for all of his hard work and kind words of encouragement along the way. He knows so much about the business and each market. I know I couldn’t have been this successful on my own.
Thank you!

Kari Hall
Meteorologist, NBC O&O KNTV


With Mort Meisner, I know I have an agent who is just as dedicated to my career goals as I am. Mort is a friend, mentor and skilled negotiator. His years in news management give him a valuable perspective. He understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships in this industry.

I temporarily left broadcast journalism to pursue a law degree and to practice law. Returning to news was always part of my career plan. So when I was ready to make that change, I decided to sign with Mort. He provides honest, useful critiques and is available for my questions at any time. He not only helped me jump back into news, but since then, Mort has been a driving force in quickly getting me into many anchor and reporter positions I wanted in major news markets.

I appreciate all of Mort’s support and look forward to many more years with him as my agent.

Irika Sargent
Primary Anchor, WBBM – CBS Chicago


I cannot recommend Mort highly enough. From the day I signed with him, he was hands-on, reviewing my reports, giving me feedback and constructive criticism on how I could improve. His guidance, combined with his amazing contacts within this industry, landed me my dream job as an on air reporter in a top 3 market. Thank you, Mort!
Laura Thoren
General Assignment Reporter, ABC O&O WLS


Mort has been guiding me every step of the way since he started representing me as an Investigative reporter at WTVG 13 ABC, in Toledo, Ohio. Mort’s connections and savvy advice helped me to secure positions as a Special Segments Producer, then as a General assignment Reporter at Chicago’s number one station, WLS, ABC 7, Eyewitness news.

What I appreciate most about him is that if you are knocking it out of the ballpark he will tell you. At the same time, he’s also not going to hand out a compliment just because you want to hear it. He gives you the advice you need to be successful.

Mort always answers his phone or returns phone calls quickly- whether it’s an immediate concern or a discussion about the long-term future and planning ahead.

With him I don’t feel like just another client and I am also proud to call him a great friend!

Jason Knowles
Reporter, ABC O&O WLS


I had always been wary of signing with an agent, but I can say hiring Mort was one of the best decisions of my professional career. His connections, news knowledge, advice & strategies have proven invaluable from the get-go. Within a few short months of signing with him, he made good on his promise (and then some!) to get me into a top-10 market. I never thought a job search could be painless– this was!

Mort is thoughtful, honest, experienced & dedicated. He is always available when you need him and he will work with you to make you the best reporter you can be, and the most marketable, too!

The best part? Mort believes in me, and I think that has made all the difference in our partnership.

Lauren Zakalik
Reporter, ABC Affiliate WFAA


It is safe to say without Mort’s help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. His “get-it-done” attitude and connections in the industry are second to none. He literally knows EVERYONE. More importantly, his guidance is something you just don’t find with a lot of agents. He actually evaluates my work and isn’t afraid to offer a tough but fair analysis. To say he is my biggest advocate is an understatement. Whether you have dreams of anchoring & reporting in a top-25 market, making the jump to a network or simply returning to your home market, I’m 100% sure Mort is the guy to help get you there.

Todd Unger
Reporter, WFAA


Mort’s work speaks for itself—he’s helped me climb from market 60 to market 5 in three years, and has provided invaluable insight, perspective, and advice along the way. I attempted to go it alone for a few months, and sent out dozens of resume tapes to top-25 markets around the country. I e-mailed News Director. I contacted friends of friends. And while I did get a few cursory responses, there was no serious interest in bringing me in for an immediate interview. After retaining Mort, I had my first interview in a top-25 market within a month. He answers his phone constantly, at all hours at the day and night, and is always a willing ear. He also is great about checking in on you to see how things are going, and maintaining a personal connection.

Jeff Smith
Reporter, KXAS NBC


I decided to sign with Mort Meisner because I appreciated his no-nonsense, direct approach.  I also valued his years of experience working in the news business and his established relationships in the industry.

After working with him, what I have found is that he returns my calls promptly, follows up on opportunities quickly and is a straight-shooter when it comes to coaching.

He is responsive and listens.  He offers advice and guidance, even after the contract is signed.

An agent has to not only believe in you, but also make sure the opportunity fits your needs and is a good match for you and the station.  With Mort, I know I have a partner who understands that well and has a clear plan for helping me achieve my career goals.

Giovanna Drpic
Political Reporter, CBS Affliate WGLC


Mort Meisner is an excellent advocate and a great guy to have on your side.  I have grown tremendously as a reporter thanks to his advice. His honest critiques are never harsh and are always helpful. He’s always available to answer questions or provide guidance, even after hours and on weekends.

Mort’s connections and insight into the news business are invaluable. It’s a relief knowing that he’s going to handle the stressful searching and negotiating for you.

Most importantly, Mort has always believed in me and encouraged me and that makes me feel more like a friend than a client.

Lauren Lea
Reporter, KTRK ABC O&O


I told Mort exactly where I wanted to go and he got me there, quicker than I ever expected. He had my needs in mind when he looked for jobs that would be good matches, and now I’m in a job that is just that. Mort is nothing if not reliable and committed to his clients. He returns calls and emails within in minutes, makes sure his clients are prepped for their phone interviews and fly-outs, and his commission is fair if not better than what other agents are charging. I am extremely satisfied with the way I was represented and I would highly recommend Mort to anyone looking to make a move, especially a big one. He helped me jump over 50 markets! He’s got lots of connections and will fight for you in an extremely professional way.

Joanna Small
General Assignment Reporter, CBS Affiliate KIRO


Mort Meisner is part business partner, part coach, and always a full-time negotiator. He won’t just find the next job; he will find the right job at the right compensation. I have enjoyed working with him, and would recommend him to anyone looking for representation.

Jessica Stone

DetroitJennifer Ann Wilson

Mort is AMAZING!!!!

Signing with Mort more than 4 years ago continues to be, the best career decision I’ve made. His regular feedback and advice on my work have played a big part in my growth as a journalist and as an on-camera personality. The job-hunting process is always nerve wracking, but this time was much different. Mort’s insight, honesty, guidance and commitment to standing by me during the interview and negotiation process, helped me to make an informed decision with confidence. Mort is more than just an agent; he’s a friend, a coach and a partner in building my career. He is hands down the BEST agent I’ve ever had and I am so grateful!!! Thank you Mort!!!

Jennifer Wilson
Reporter, ABC Affiliate WXYZ


Mort Meisner is more than just an agent. He has a genuine interest in you and your career at each level. From the moment I signed with him to well after I got a job he stayed in close contact. Thanks to his vast network of contacts and guidance I jumped more than 70 markets to a top 15. Mort is aggressive, honest and reliable!

Shelly Childers
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate WXYZ


Mort signed me as a client just days after I graduated college.

More than a decade (and multiple TV stations) later, he is still one of the biggest champions of my work, and my potential in this business.

His feedback, institutional knowledge, instincts, and at times–tough love, have benefited me greatly along the way.

Most recently, he helped carve out my future, landing me an investigative position in the 11th largest market.

Jonathan Carlson
Investigative Reporter, WXYZ


One of the best moves I have ever made professionally was hiring Mort Meisner as my agent. Mort is a mentor and a friend, and someone who is always looking out for his clients’ best interests. He is smart and knowledgeable about the radio and TV business and his contacts are second to none. Mort has a great feel for every situation and has put me and my wants first.

Matt Dery
Sports Talk Radio Host, Greater Media 105.1


Committed, Thorough, Passionate.

Glenda Lewis
Anchor/Reporter, WXYZ


Mort Meisner has not only had a tremendous impact on my career, but even more importantly my life. Mort is not only my agent, but he is a true friend. Broadcasting is my true passion and through his hard work and belief in me I have been able to land a job that means the world to me at 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit. His knowledge of the industry is unparalleled and his advice is always from the heart and always on target. The Broadcasting Industry can be daunting at times, but with someone like Mort on your side it makes traversing it so much more calming and reaching your goals so much more realistic. I am forever grateful to have Mort in my life.

All My Love and Gratitude,

Dan Leach
Sports Talk Show Host, 97.1 The Ticket Detroit


Possessing belief and support in this business is as critical as talent sometimes and Mort provides both in a big way.

I’ve been working with Mort for less than a year and it’s already one of the best investments I’ve made in my short career.

What’s great about Mort is his vision. While it’s important to maintain focus in the here and now in order to perform to the best of our ability with the lights on, Mort is always looking forward, constantly readying you for the next step.

Mort delivers the professional, straight at it approach necessary to get the job done while also adding a caring, personal relationship.

Kyle Bogi
Host, CBS Radio 97.1 The Ticket


Mort Meisner has the rare but critical understanding of the various nuances of the news industry. His decades in this business as a top market news director and expertise as a talent agent has proven to be the perfect combination for my career.

With Mort as my agent, I was able to make a successful transition from a 15 year TV news career into a top-market news radio career. After several years as a TV anchor/reporter in San Diego, I now work as the morning-drive anchor for CBS News station WWJ Newsradio 950 in Detroit.

Shortly after hiring Mort Meisner Associates in 2007, I was able to jump about 120 markets after being hired as a news anchor and reporter in my hometown of San Diego.

Mort Meisner’s 40-plus years in the news industry makes him an invaluable asset for anyone trying to secure a job in this very competitive industry. He has contacts no one else has, from news directors to executive producers – in every market in the country – not to mention the countless number of big name on-air talent he has placed in top-tier jobs.

One of Mort Meisner’s most impressive points is his approach as an agent. Mort has a keen interest in who I desire to become as a broadcast journalist. He has taken every step necessary to get to know me both personally and professionally, and then encourage me in my strong points and help me improve some of the weaker aspects of my career. I have grown 10-fold as a result.

I recommend Mort Meisner to anyone who wants to advance in his or her career, who wants a “leg-up” on the dozens of other candidates out there, and wants to grow both professionally and personally.

Tom Jordan
News Anchor, WWJ


I’ve known Mort for many years and I’m thrilled to have him as my agent. He’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic, readily available, and never gives up!!

Deanna Lites
Health Reporter, WWJ NewsRadio 950


Aside from being one of the most connected agents in the business, Mort Meisner is best at discovering and molding talent into dynamic superstars.

Whether you’re just starting out or a well- oiled machine. He recognizes potential at all levels.

When Mort takes you on as a client it’s not just a business decision, but a personal investment. His level of commitment is unmatched. And you’re guaranteed to get a job in your desired market with a competitive salary.

With all of his knowledge and years in the business, anyone serious about making moves would look no further than Mort Meisner Associates. He gets it done like no one else!

China Sellers Haley
Anchor/Reporter, Crain’s Automotive News

Detroit Bonnell_Laura

All these years in the broadcast business I didn’t believe it was important to have an agent. Then I met with, and hired Mort Meisner! Mort knows the decision makers and the business. I am grateful for his assistance in my latest venture, I couldn’t have done it without him. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get hired in the radio or television business. I appreciated Meisner’s honesty and directness. I feel like Mort has my back. Anyone just starting out in this business would be wise to hire Mort. I bet you’ll go further with his assistance.

Laura Bonnell
General Assignment Reporter, WWJ Newsradio 950


At the beginning of my career, I avoided hiring an agent thinking it would be easier to get a job on my own. But during this job search, quality of life ranked high on my list. I solicited Mort’s help and he knew exactly where I wanted to go. He got me there much quicker than I expected. His connections were a tremendous asset in the process. He always returns phone calls and emails within minutes. I am pleased with his work thus far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Stephanie Claytor
Reporter, Bay News 9


Mort Meisner is talented, professional and he delivers on his promises. My 80-market jump from my first job would not have been possible without his help.

Signing with Mort has easily been my best career decision thus far. I would recommend him to anyone looking to succeed.

Megan Hickey
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate WEWS


I was very unsure about signing with an agent.  Mort immediately put me at ease. He was there to champion me on through the whole process. The thing I love the most about Mort is that he tells it like it is. You know Mort is going to be 100% honest with you all the time. I would not have landed this job without him.

Lacey Crisp
General Assignment Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate WOIO


I’ve been Mort’s client for more than three years now. Shortly after I signed with him, he helped me make a jump from market 70 to a top 20 market. He’s honest and fair. That’s exactly what I was looking for in representation.

I want an agent that fights for me. Mort is that guy.

Kristin Byrne
Weekend Morning Anchor, ABC Affiliate WEWS

Orlando Springer_Photo

Mort truly puts his clients first. He’s quick to respond to all calls and emails and offers honest, but fair critiques of your work. Mort really makes the job search as easy and as painless as possible. I could not have made this latest move without him and his guidance.

Mike Springer
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate WFTV


Mort has been a fantastic agent, exceeding my expectations in every way. His dedication and work-ethic were instrumental in securing my current position in a top-20 market. Mort is always available to answer my questions. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. Thank you Mort!

Christina Jensen
General Assignment Reporter, Central Florida News 13


Before signing with Mort, I had reservations about working with an agent. I had heard from colleagues about bad experiences they had working with various agencies and it gave me pause. But, from the moment I spoke with Mort, I felt such positive energy. His candor was refreshing; he told me what he liked and what needed improvement. Most importantly, I could tell that he believed in me and wanted me to succeed.

I used his constructive criticism to redo my reporting reels and resume. Within weeks of working with him, Mort got me three interviews in top 40 markets, including Philadelphia. Soon I was offered a reporting job in Orlando. I relied on Mort’s vast experience and negotiating skills to guide me through the process. I am couldn’t have done it without him.

Julie Gargotta
General Assignment Reporter, Central Florida News 13


I was referred to Mort by a good friend. After signing on with him, I sent my reel and he went to work. Within 1 day, we got our first call. That says a lot. He gets you out there in front of the decision makers and has the clout to get them to take notice. Thank you Mort, for all of your help and encouragement!

David Bodden
Anchor /Reporter , News 13


Mort knows the business. More importantly, he understands his clients, their long-term goals, and how to get them where they want to go. In less than five years he’s helped me go from Market 198 to Market 19.  Each move along the way was strategic and helpful and just the right move for me.

Dana Jay
General Assignment Reporter, Fox O&O WOFL


When I tell someone who doesn’t have an agent that I am represented, their first question is always, “why?” My answer is always the same; I say there are plenty of talented people in this industry. They may not be as talented as you are, but they’re still talented. A good and honest agent is able to push your talents through to the front and highlight your abilities. That’s what Mort Meisner has done for me. He has proven reliable and a man of his word. I will always be appreciative to him of that fact.

Ron Smiley
Meteorologist, CBS O&O, KDKA

St. LouisHessel-Katherine

Mort has been with me since day one of my career. After spending two years in a starter market Mort has helped me make a more than 100 market jump to St. Louis! Taking me on as a client Mort knew I was a young reporter just starting my career. He insisted I send him my work regularly for feedback. His guidance and honest opinion helped me take my work to the next level and make an amazing leap in my career. Whether constructive criticism or praise I always feel that Mort truly wants the best for me. I appreciate the time, effort and belief Mort puts into my work and me.

Katherine Hessel
General Assignment Reporter, FOX Affiliate KTVI

St. Louis Laruen_Pozen_2

Mort is a top-notch agent. With each market move, he continues to take my career to the next level. Mort makes time for his clients, which is a rarity in this business. His honest feedback and advice continues to shape me as a professional and help me reach my goals.

With Mort, he is not only an agent, but also a mentor and good friend. You are not alone in this journey when you sign with Mort. He believes in his clients and is truly happy for their success. I am very fortunate to be a part of Mort Meisner Associates.

Lauren Pozen
General Assignment Reporter, CBS Affiliate KMOV

St. LouisMartinez_Marianne

I have worked with Mort Meisner for the past seven years. He placed me in top markets, like Denver and Dallas, and I have always trusted his advice and ability to find a great job and negotiate a contract. Recently, Mort delivered on what I believed was a difficult request. After more than three years as a stay-at-home mom, I decided to try to get back into the business. Mort used his contacts and found me a position as a freelance reporter in St. Louis. He understood my needs as a working mom, and negotiated an ideal situation for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mort Meisner. He always delivers.

Marianne Martinez
General Assignment Reporter/MMJ, NBC Affiliate KSDK

St. LouisAubry_Headshot

Things can change quickly in this business, and sometimes those things are out of your control leaving you stressed out and wondering what your future holds. That’s where Mort comes in. He’s the best in the business. His extensive knowledge of the industry landscape, and the people making the decisions, is priceless when you find yourself looking for that next job. He knows the pulse of the markets, the stations in them, and which ones you’ll best fit at. For smooth sailing, all you have to do is listen to his advice, do your best work, and leave the rest up to him.

Jason Aubry
Reporter/MMJ, NBC Affiliate KSDK

St. LouisRandhawa_PJ_Photo

Mort has been my biggest advocate in the TV industry every step of the way. He’s always honest about how far you can go in this business, and how to get even further by fixing the things that are holding you back. His advice isn’t always easy to hear, but if you’re hungry to learn, challenge yourself and move up- he’s your man because he will never waste your time. On a daily basis, he’s been able to offer me instant feedback on my stories, delicate newsroom politics, and my short and long-term goals. He’s a force to be reckoned with and i’m glad he’s on my side!

PJ Randhawa
Investigative Reporter/ MMJ, NBC Affiliate KSDK


Working with Mort Meisner has been my best career decision thus far. He’s honest, straightforward, and helps his clients get where they want to go.
Mort knows the business inside and out and has his client’s best interest in mind. I would recommend Mort to anyone looking to succeed in this career!

Megan Sanctorum
General Assignment Reporter, WISH TV


Mort Meisner has been with me since the start of my professional career, helping to build and guide me in the right direction. He knows the news business, he has the connections, and he’s good at what he does. Mort will give you his honest feedback about your on-camera performance and reporting so you can get better and marketable. He’s always there when you need him and he calls back right away. I feel like he doesn’t sleep! I’m very thankful to have him as an agent and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my professional career.

Vi Nguyen
Reporter, WISH-TV

Hartford/New HavenScott-McDonnell

Mort has been a vigilant advocate for me. He understands the television news landscape, and has valuable relationships inside newsrooms.
He’s attentive, reachable and has long-term career vision.

Scott McDonnell


As a producer, having an agent is a rarity. I was a little unsure if it was worth it at all. After my experience with Mort, I am confident I made the right decision. From the moment I signed with him, I had doors opening right and left. It took less than a month to place me at the market, and the station I wanted. I was thrilled with Mort’s fast work. I look forward to seeing what else he can do for my career in the years to come.

Dana Bishop
Producer, WISN 12 News


If you want to hire someone you can trust to help you build your career, you need to hire Mort.
I was skeptical at first to get an agent, wondering do I really need one? But after I spoke with him, he immediately put me at ease. He did everything he could to get me the best opportunity for my career. His network is vast and it gained me a foot in the door simply because of his relationships with news directors and his reputation in the industry.
Mort understands chasing a dream while trying to establish a career and is one hundred percent behind you. You feel like you have a coach, mentor and business tycoon all rolled into one. No matter where you are in your career you want Mort in your corner.

Rebecca Klopf
General Assignment Reporter, NBC Affiliate WTMJ


When I was looking for a change in representation, Mort was recommended to me by a long time friend and colleague that happened to be one of his clients. I knew the relationship was going to be a great one from the first phone call. Mostly because it was immediate. He heard I was looking and was available right away to speak with me. That hasn’t changed one bit since signing. Whether it’s a weekend phone call or a late night text message, Mort always responds ASAP.

So often in this business we talk about the “it” factor for talent. Well Mort has the “it” factor of agents. His decades of experience and connections give him the ability to place you in the right job. Not just any job, but the right job where he can see potential for growth and success. You can count on him to give it to you straight… no sugar coating with Mort. That’s exactly what you need to succeed in this business. He recognizes your strengths and will coach you in the areas where you may need it.

I look forward to a long working relationship with Mort and the adventures to come!

Tom Durian
Anchor/Reporter, WTMJ (NBC)

West Palm Beachkristen-chapman_1

To those outside the news business, I jokingly call Mort Meisner my best friend. For those of us obviously using him for career purposes, I still stand by that statement.

Mort is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and most importantly, effective. He immediately helped me jump 70+ markets, offering advice and constructive criticism every step of the way.

Mort is someone I want on my team for years to come.

Kristen Chapman
General Assignment Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate WPEC


Mort Meisner and his team are professional, compassionate and care about each and every one of their clients. I know this first hand because Mort worked tirelessly to find me the right market, fit and opportunity. He treats his clients like family; always lending an open ear, offering his years of knowledge of this competitive industry and taking time for individual grooming and coaching. Mort and I have always had a great relationship and it continues to flourish.
I trust his advice and guidance.

Nadia Singh
Reporter, WMAR

Raleigh, NCNewland_Maggie

Mort has represented me for more than half my television career. Shortly after signing with him, he used his connections to help me move from market 64 to market 15. After spending 7 years reporting in Minneapolis and then Miami, I told Mort I wanted to get closer to home and move to the anchor desk. He was more than happy to change the focus of our job search and after just a few weeks I was offered a weekend anchor position in one of my target markets.

Mort is easy to reach, very responsive, and offers great feedback. He also cares about his clients on a personal level and checks in regularly to see how life is going or just to say hi.

Maggie Newland
Weekend Anchor and Weekday Reporter, WNCN


If you want someone who’s going to fight for what you deserve, while remaining respectful of everyone involved, Mort is your guy.

I had always heard horror stories about some agents. I was worried that I might fall into that trap if I got one, too. But after Mort reached out to me, I immediately felt his enthusiasm for his job and for the broadcast industry.

He doesn’t just call you when he finds you a job. He’s in touch daily, whether it’s through email, phone calls, or watching your news clips to help you improve. Honestly, I don’t think I know another person who responds to emails quicker than Mort Meisner! That is a true statement. He is available 24/7.

He’s that extra edge to get your foot in the door at some of the best TV markets in the country. I don’t just consider him an agent. I would consider him a friend that I can trust in life and in my career.

Thank you Mort!

Hannah Welker
General Assignment Reporter, NBC Affiliate WCNC


Mort takes a tough love approach to help you get better. He’s honest, fair, and knowledgeable. He gives advice but lets his clients make the final decisions. I told him what I wanted–to end up in my hometown. He stuck with me, advocated for me, and together we made it happen! Mort never gives up, and he always has your best interest in mind.

Robin Kanady
, FOX 46


Having Mort by my side during the job search process proved to be a key to my success. Mort’s experience in the industry means he knows what news directors are looking for in their talent. Also, through Mort’s connections and relationships, I was able to get meetings with news directors– something that was difficult to do on my own before.

During contract negotiations, Mort was mindful of what I wanted, but knew how much to push. In the end, he was able to get a contract I was very happy to sign.

Mort is honest but never mean or cruel. He tells you what you need to know to become a better reporter and journalist.

I am very happy to have Mort as my agent and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for representation.

Angela Hong
General Assignment Reporter, ABC Affiliate WSOC

Kansas CityOberg_Jamie

Mort is an amazing agent!
He helped me get home to Kansas City where I worked as a freelance reporter, then through Mort’s critiques and hard work I just signed a contract.
Mort shoots it to you straight and I need that. After working with Mort for several years now, he’s not just an agent but a mentor, teacher and friend – when you need it most.

Jamie Oberg
General Assignment Reporter, CBS Affiliate KCTV

Las Vegasc_klein-headshot2015

Mort is different from other agents.  He’s patient and helps you find what’s perfect for you. He doesn’t pressure you to take any job- he looks for the RIGHT job.

Christianne Klein
Anchor/Reporter, CBS Affiliate KLAS

Las VegasSchuman_David

After looking at Mort’s testimonials page, I thought why write another one? But not enough can be said about the guy.

He’s got a great feel for the industry and invaluable experience to back it up. I didn’t think I wanted or needed an agent, but someone I trust recommended Mort and I haven’t looked back.

Thanks to his feedback on my work as well as his extensive network of relationships, I landed a job in a market well above what I thought my ceiling was at this point in my career. And all through the (brief!) process, Mort was always a simple phone call or email away. It was easy to tell how much he cared.

David Schuman
General Assignment Reporter, KTNV


Mort came highly recommended by several friends and peers in the broadcast industry. Finding the “right agent” can be a tough and long process – you both need to believe in each other to advance your career and Mort has helped with that.

He is very accessible and direct when it comes to questions, advice, and negotiating…plus, he is very connected and respected in the business.

It’s good to know, as an on-air talent, people are behind you when you need them in your career.  Finding the right “fit” is key and Mort and his team are great in helping to do that.

Joel Schipper
Anchor/Reporter, FOX Affiliate WDRB


Hardworking! Mort cares! He always takes my calls, texts, and emails whether its nights or even weekends. Mort always makes time to look at my work and give me feedback. He recently helped me make the jump of more than 25+ markets from Tucson to Birmingham.

Matt Fernandez
General Assignment Reporter, CBS Affiliate WIAT


Choosing Mort as my first agent was a great decision. He knows the industry inside and out. Mort used that savvy to teach me how to look for what I want in an on-air job, and help me zero in on it. Thanks to his guidance, I’m headed to a great station.

Mort’s approach is very honest, genuine, and personal. He makes himself available on nights and weekends, and will gladly field all of your questions – no matter how complicated you think they might be!

Jamie Ostroff
Reporter, CBS Affiliate WIAT


I have worked with Mort a little over 2 months now and he quickly helped me land a job.  In such a short period of time, Mort prepared me to ask the right questions when interviewing, has provided some great advice and inside knowledge of the business and made sure I got what is competitive for the market.  With his help, I jumped 30 markets from 74 to 44.  Mort is the kind of guy that is fast to get back to you and no matter what time of day.  He is someone you can count on to be there for you, to be direct and not sugar coat things just to “sound good”.  I think of Mort as more than just my agent but as a friend, a lifelong friend.  Just as he would bat for me, I would do the same for him and highly recommend talent contacting him, you won’t be disappointed.

Jill Gilardi
Anchor Weekend/Weather, FOX WBRC


First off, I want to thank you for helping me land another great job!  Yet, I also want to let you know how much I value your thoughtfulness and your consideration of the big picture.

Every client is different.  Some are market driven but others make career decisions based on what’s best for their families.

I appreciate how you always listen to my priorities before deciding where to send my latest work.  That attention to detail is another example of why you’ve been so successful in placing anchors and reporters.

It also helps to cement what is hopefully a long-lasting working relationship.

Thanks again!

Trent Butler
Morning Anchor, NBC Affiliate WAFF

New OrleansWomack_jeff

A smart aggressive coach with a crystal clear understanding of the industry, which will help guide you in an always changing business.

Jeff Womack
Weekend Meteorologist, ABC Affiliate WGNO

Portland Johnson_Matt_Headshot

Within a few weeks of signing with Mort we sealed a deal and I am moving from Reporter to Anchor/Reporter. I feel Mort listens to me and cares about my career path. He answers my calls and gets back to me right away. I feel he understands the advantages and challenges in jumping from Reporter to Anchor. Most importantly he gets results and I find his advice useful. I am excited about working together in the future.

Matthew Johnson
Weekend Anchor/Reporter KATU


If you are looking for an agent to advocate for you and fight for the best, I would highly recommend Mort. I chose Mort because of his connections in the business and his positive relationship with news directors across the country. He is excellent at communicating every step of the job search process and what is needed to take you to the next level. Mort is there when you need him and gets the job done.

Chistine VanTimmeren
General Assignment Reporter, CBS Affiliate WWMT


Signing with Mort Meisner is the best decision I’ve made in my career.  Mort is a top-notch agent with established relationships with news directors all over the country. He’s straightforward, honest and fights vigorously for his clients. He demands your best and gives you his in return. He’s also incredibly quick to respond to an email or a phone call. I am proud to be on his team and have full trust he is leading my career in the right direction.

Mike Krafcik
General Assignment Reporter/MMJ, CBS Affiliate WWMT

Grand RapidsSzitkowski_Annie

I connected with Mort through very dear family friends and because they trusted him, I knew I could trust him as well. I wasn’t thinking about working with an agent, until my very first phone conversation with Mort – that’s when I knew this guy was the real deal!

His expertise, connections, news knowledge, and honesty helped me improve my work drastically. After working with him, I was able to make a 114 market jump.

Mort isn’t only someone who will move mountains for you professionally, but he cares about you on a personal level too!

I’m very thankful for all of his help and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in the future.

Annie Szatkowski
Reporter, FOX Affiliate WXMI

Greensboro-Highpoint, North CarolinaWynne_Kim

Since signing with Mort in 2010, my career has taken off in ways that I could have never imagined. He’s done more than just gotten me jobs but coached me into being a better writer, storyteller, and live shot reporter. I have no doubt that Mort has taken me to places that I would not have gotten to on my own. He is more than an agent but a tough-as-nails advocate and mentor. From day one, he believed in my talent, encouraging me every step of the way.

I look forward to my future accomplishments, which are sure to come under Mort’s skillful guidance.

Kim Wynne
Reporter, WGHP

Portland, MEFrank-Photo

I have been a client of Mort Meisner’s for about 4 years. In those 4 years, I have seen my career truly take off and I credit a lot of that to having Mort in my corner and a part of my team. He has been an incredible resource for reel critiques, a listening and caring ear for when work problems would arise and also an honest opinion on ‘what’s best’ for my career. He is always a quick phone call or email away and responds very promptly. As a client, I can tell he really cares for his clients well-being, career and if the job they are in or searching for….is the right fit. Even after the job search, Mort is still very hands-on. We check-in on a frequent basis and he is always asking, “I’d love to see some of your work soon.” It is great to hear his opinion and constructive criticism of my work that helps to make my performance and delivery on-air stronger. I consider Mort not only a great agent and manager – but a great friend. I feel confident to be on his team and know that he is leading my career in the right direction. As I always say to him – thank you, Mort, times a million for everything!

Cristina Frank
Weekday Morning Anchor, ABC Affiliate WMTW

Tucson, AZMatt-Brode

I am more compelled to write a testimonial of Mort Meisner as a friend as opposed to an agent. Mort has always treated me more like a friend than a client. He takes my calls 24/7 and truly never stops working on my behalf. What separates Mort from many other agents is his steeped background in the news business. Mort understands news better than any lawyer and because of his many years in the business he knows everyone.

Matt Brode
Chief Meteorologist, KVOA


Mort is the best agent I’ve had in my long career. As a former news director in major markets, he has a ton of connections. Also, unlike many agents, he always returns calls and emails very quickly.

I highly recommend him.

Matthew Schwartz
Investigative Reporter, News 4 Tucson
“Winner of a 2014 Edward R. Murrow Award”

Oklahoma CityThabie-Sibanda

I needed someone who believed in me and I got that with Mort. But I also needed someone who would work hard for me, give me honest but professional advice and genuinely want the best for me. Again, I got that with Mort. It’s not just about placing you quickly with Mort. He doesn’t just want to get you a job but he also wants to help plan an amazing career for you. I feel comfortable knowing that together we have long term career goals in place that are definitely achievable.

Mort’s experience, knowledge and connections have proven to be invaluable in my job search. He’s a skilled negotiator and someone you can trust. I honestly feel blessed to have Mort on my side.

Thabie Sibanda
Reporter, FOX Affiliate KOKH

Oklahoma CityTorp_Karl

This business is tough enough without someone like Mort in your corner. Not only does he get your work seen by the right people, but his feedback and guidance has improved my reporting and anchoring immensely.

Karl Torp
Anchor/Reporter, News 9 KWTV


If you want someone who will tell you what you want to hear Mort is not your guy. Mort will be honest and work with you on any weakness you may have and make you a better reporter or anchor. Mort is always available by phone, email or text day or night. If you want to further your career Mort Meisner is your only choice.

Dave Bondy
Anchor, NBC Affiliate WEYI

Lafayette, LAMacko_Rob

Mort Meisner truly believes in his clients. He will assess your strengths and weaknesses in an honest and straightforward fashion. He doesn’t sugar coat things. Mort will guide you and help you take your career to the next level. He knows the ins and outs of this business and that will help you succeed.

Mort is very accessible to his clients (even after normal business hours). He will listen to your concerns and is someone you can confide in. Mort is not one of those agents that will make you take the first job presented to you. He will also not force you to take a job that’s not right for you. I really respect that about Mort. He cares about his clients and will look out for your best interest.

My only regret is that I didn’t sign with Mort sooner!

Rob Macko
Anchor,  CBS Affiliate KLFY


Let me first say, I am not the easiest of clients – in terms of where I am willing to go for my career. I gave Mort very specific, limited parameters on markets and positions I felt would be the best fit for me. And, he listened – he was patient and persistent – and eventually found me a job in a city where I know I will have the opportunity to grow and be happy.
When it comes to agents – Mort Meisner is a breath of fresh air. He doesn’t tell you what he thinks you want to hear – he tells you the truth. That is imperative when it comes to furthering your career in the news business. I don’t feel like I’m just another client or just another number. I feel Mort has a genuine interest in helping me continue to build a successful career. When Mort’s clients succeed – so does he. It’s that simple. He gets it – and, is a class act all the way!

Rebecca Thomas
Anchor, FOX O&O KTBC


If you want the hardest working talent agent in the television news business then Mort Meisner is your man. Mort has represented me for over a decade, and his level of commitment to helping advance my professional goals has never faded.

With Mort, you will find an agent that understands the demands of this growing business, and someone who doesn’t waiver from being honest about the changes happening in the television news industry.

I like to think that Mort and I have worked, and continue to work, as a TEAM to build my broadcast career. I know I can turn to him for advice whenever I need it, and he will be there ready to help. I can’t say enough good things about Mort. He’s one of the best.

Amanda Salinas
Morning News Anchor, KTBC-TV FOX7

TulsaKasper, Marty_3

Mort Meisner has an extensive background in news.  He is known by the most experienced broadcasters across the country, many of whom know him on a first name basis. He is honest and not going to shy away from telling you what you need to do to succeed. On top of being in-tune with what News Directors are looking for, he knows how to get them to see your work. Mort demands your best and gives you his in return.

Marty Kasper
General Assignment Reporter, CBS Affiliate KOTV


Mort is much more than an agent to me, he has been my mentor since the start of my career in TV.
Coming from a university that didn’t have a journalism program, I firmly believe Mort’s guidance and resources are the only reason I am in this industry.
After helping me land my first job as a MMJ and weekend anchor three months after graduation in Bismarck, ND, Mort’s service has me jumping 80+ markets to Tulsa, OK.
He’s always easy to reach for honest critiques or advice backed by decades of experience in the industry. I’m looking forward to working with Mort for a long and exciting career!

Nina Carter
General Assignment Reporter, FOX Affiliate KOKI

AshvilleKaren Wynn

Mort’s honesty and helpfulness concerning my work has helped me improve so much! After spending several years as a stay-at-home mom & part-time employee in El Paso, TX, Mort helped me re-enter the business full time with a nice 40-market jump to WCHS-TV in Charleston, WV. Less than 4 years later, my company promoted me to my current position-up nearly 30 more markets to Asheville, NC. Mort was great in re-negotiating several contracts during this time. He always returns my calls/e-mails, and his rates are very reasonable. I am so thankful to have Mort Meisner on my side!

Karen Wynne
Meteorologist, WLOS


Before meeting Mort, the time I spent searching for opportunities to grow my TV news career seemed endless with lack luster results.  At one point, I wonder if I was really cut out for the business.  Then Mort discovered me on another client’s reel.  He picked up the phone and expressed interest in representing me.  I was extremely weary, having dealt with some other slippery agents who tried to sign me throughout my career.  Mort was different.  He didn’t just praise my work, he was very critical.  He provided the feedback I desperately needed, feedback many mangers just won’t provide anymore.  Because of Mort, I’ve grown professionally, both as an anchor and reporter.  He knows what news directors want and makes sure my work delivers. His personal attention to my career and the effect it has on my family never ceases to amaze me.  Mort is not just my agent and manager, he’s my friend.  Thanks for everything.  You’re the best.

Dave Roberts
Reporter/Anchor KETV


I have been with Mort since 1998. Mort doesn’t just knock on doors of news directors, he bulldozes them, making sure my tape gets looked at. Mort provides immediate feedback and never sugar coats it. If I’m in the running for a good job I know it and we discuss all phases of getting that all-important interview: including style, driving the content and look.
In addition, Mort has a tremendous knack for critiquing a tape and knowing what news directors and talent scouts are looking for. He’s been in the major markets; he knows what the news executives want and are thinking. In the 13 years I’ve been with Mort, he has always told me, “If you do your part and dedicate yourself to being an energy anchor, I’ll help get you there.” As I result I have made four very successful moves under Mort’s guidance.
Mort is available day or night, weekends, sometimes just to talk things through and to banter about options now and in the future. Mort is an agent, mentor, talent coach and friend all rolled into one.

Craig Nigrelli
Anchor, KMTV

Bryan, TXGuilfoos_Headshot

From day one Mort has treated me like family, not just like another face in the crowd. As I struggled with what job was the best for my career path, he never once pressured me to take a job just for the sake of taking it. Instead, he presented me with a detailed list of pros and cons specific to each job, guiding me to the right decision. Mort is one of my biggest cheerleaders, yet he’s not afraid to dish out the “tough love” honesty that has helped me take my career to the next level. I have full confidence in Mort as I get ready to move up the TV ladder. There’s no one else I’d rather have in my corner. He’s a true class act.

Kristen Guilfoos
Weekday Morning Anchor, CBS Affiliate KBTX


I started my career in television news back in 2000, and Mort Meisner has been my agent every step of the way. Because Mort has worked so well for me, I never hesitate to recommend his services. Immediately establishing a comfortable rapport, Mort has helped me grow as a talent in a number of ways…offering constructive feedback on my work, landing the appropriate employee opportunities—never putting me in situations that I wasn’t prepared for. And whenever I have a concern or question, Mort is always available to answer. It’s that consistent guidance and personalized attention that has kept me with his agency all these years.

Lenise Ligon
Anchor/Reporter, WALA

Cedar RapidsEarl-Photo

Real progress only comes from facing your weaknesses.  Mort always offers swift feedback that may not always be easy to hear but his decades in the business will help you shore up the holes in your presentation.  If you have the desire to get better, he’ll find the places you should work on.
Chris Earl
Morning Anchor, ABC Affiliate KCRG


I chose Mort for representation because he is a straight-shooter and always answers his phone. There’s nothing worse than playing phone-tag while coping with the stresses of a job search. Mort always is quick to answer my questions or comment on my work with a text, email or phone call.  Plus, I know that by sending him my work on a weekly basis, I can expect honest feedback that will help me improve and prepare me for the next jump.

Meghan Schiller
Anchor Reporter, WJCL

Springfield, MissouriKielman_Headshot

I can’t thank the folks at Mort Meisner Associates enough. Mort helped me move 30+ markets and helped me to continue working as a Primary Anchor. My fiancé and I are getting married in a couple weeks and he took the worry out of the job search. I love having someone represent me, who believes in me as much as I believe in myself.

Jennifer Kielman
Anchor, KOLR


Mort Meisner has been an asset to me as I take the next steps in my career. He’s honest, and passionate about helping out his clients. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but tells you what you need to know to help you strive to be the best you can be. He’s always available and checks in frequently, and genuinely has your best interest in mind at all times. Working with Mort is a decision I am so glad I made.

Vanessa Fayz
Reporter, CBS Affiliate WTOL


I cannot thank Mort enough for his help.  I signed with him and got a job offer within 2 months. I didn’t take that offer. Although it was a great opportunity, it wasn’t the best for me and my family. Mort understood that and kept working to find that best opportunity. When it came, he made sure it benefited my career and personal life. If you’re reading this and wondering should I take a chance on Mort, the answer is yes! I did and have created a professional relationship and friendship with a great guy.

Sean Muserallo
Anchor, NBC Affiliate WREX

Wilmington (NC)michelle-Li

On a personal note, Mort has always made time for me and treated me with kindness. On the business end, he really went to bat for my best interests. I have recommended him to many journalists who are looking for someone to represent them.

Michelle Li
Anchor/Reporter, WECT


Coming from an acting career in Los Angeles, I’ve experienced a number of talent-agent relationships. I can say Mort Meisner Associates has been the best working relationship with an agency I’ve ever had. Mort and his associates are excellent at keeping in contact. I have never felt like I couldn’t call for advice or a quick question.

Mort is incredibly professional, helpful, and knowledgeable in all aspects of the placement process. Every piece of advice he gives me comes from a place of wanting to secure a position where I can continue to grow and succeed in this competitive industry.

Job-hunting in the past has sometimes been a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. After signing with Mort, I finally felt like there was someone on my side, playing on my team. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking representation.

Olivia York
Reporter, ABC Affiliate KAAL

Rochester, MNRadzinski_Jeanna

Signing a contract with Mort was the most progressive decision that I could have made for my career. When I first met Mort, I had a lot of raw talent and a big dream. He saw the potential in me and committed his time and effort to prepare me for my first job in Sports Broadcast Journalism. He offers valuable advice and honest critique that could ONLY come from a professional who truly knows the ins and outs of the business.

Thanks to Mort and his relentless work ethic, he helped me find reality in that dream I had when I first walked into his office. I am grateful for my experience with Mort and look forward to many more years of working together.

Jeanna Radzinski
Sports Anchor and Reporter, KAAL


I would highly recommend Mort Meisner for anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and dedicated agent. From the moment that I met Mort, he was very honest with me. Mort is the kind of person that will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. When he does critique you, he is giving you information that is valuable and helpful. That is the type of person that you want representing you when you’re looking for an agent.

When I met Mort, I was going through a career transition, and I wanted to move into television. Mort took a chance on me, and I am happy to say that within a few short months, I have obtained a position as an on air reporter.

I am so thankful for his guidance, and for his dedication to helping me grow in my career. If you want an agent who will be dedicated to helping you to advance in your career, Mort Meisner is your guy!

Stacie Smith
Anchor/Reporter, NBC Affiliate WGEM